Update on fake clinics

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Last week I wrote about fake clinics aka crisis pregnancy centers and how there is a good chance that with Bush's last minute regulation changes, they would get Title X money.

Well now we have something we can do about it. Feminist Majority thru their Feminist Campus program launched a petition:

Deceptive Advertising Practices and Federal Funding of Fake Clinics!

Join us in demanding an end to false and deceptive advertising practices and federal funding for fake clinics by signing the below petition!

Many so-called “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” or “pregnancy resource centers” pose as full-service health clinics and lure women in with promises of “free” pregnancy tests and “options” counseling for unintended pregnancies. Some even advertise under “abortion services” in the yellow pages. Instead, these so-called centers often use erroneous medical claims and manipulation to dissuade or delay women from obtaining an abortion or birth control. And millions of federal and state tax dollars are being used to support these fake clinics. Tell Congress we will not be silent while so-called crisis pregnancy centers ride the “gravy train” of federal funding and endanger women’s health.

So what are you waiting for? Go sign!