Does your New Year's resolution include dancing?

Then you are in luck! The Revelette's are looking for new members:

The Revelettes, Chicago's hippest and hottest performing go-go troupe, are inviting Chicago's cheekiest chicas to don their white boots and join the go-go revolution! Auditions will be held Monday, January 26, from 7:30–9:00pm, at Joel Hall Dance Center, 1511 W. Berwyn. The Revelettes perform 1960s-inspired go-go to beats from the past four decades at such venues as darkroom, Betty's Blue Star Lounge, Empty Bottle and The Double Door.

Check out photos, video, and info at
They also performed, quite patiently, at the Bitch fundraiser I held in May. So they're kewl, ya know.

And no, I'm not going out for the troupe. First, I'm an awful dancer and second, I can barely find time to knit much less practice & perform. Revelettes come in all sizes, shapes & colors, so don't let your holiday extras keep you from trying out. Do let me know if you audition and make it. Good luck!!