06 December 2008

Lilith Fair - Dream Team

My iPod is almost like a mini-Lilith Fair in that it's chock full of Sarah, Indigo Girls, Ani, Dixie Chicks, Catie Curtis and so forth. As I was driving home from work today, I was listening to Sarah McLachlan and her voice so fit the scene of a snowy Chicago. Oh, how I miss Sarah! And no, a greatest hits album isn't enough for me. (BTW - I have no idea how I thought I could get my hair to look like hers in this pic, but I tried!) But it got me thinking...if Sarah or someone else were to resurrect Lilith Fair, who would I want to be included?

So my dear readers, let's take a moment out of the hustle & bustle of the holidays and the insanity of politics. Who would you want to see in Lilith Fair - The Revenge? Did you ever scan the list of the kick ass women who did play Lilith Fair? Damn...edited to add: My choices include all the kick ass women from the actual tour.

My choices include:
  • Taylor Swift - Yeah, she's bubble gum country, but I think she could kick it
  • P!nk
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • I know I'm missing a ton, but I'm super tired right now.
Would being on the feminista tour help Brit Brit?

I love that the Lilith Tour website hasn't changed since 1999 and there's still a link to chickmail.com. A moment of silence for chickmail y'all. I sooo miss that account.


Renee said...

For me it would be Melissa Ethridge, Pink, DiFranco, and Nichelle Diconcello...awesome combination for sure

Cinnamon said...

Ani DiFranco, Dolly Parton, Brenda Kahn, Tracy Chapman, hmmm

And I had no idea you had a chickmail account. That's how I got my moniker. cinnachick@chickmail.com. How perfect, eh?

Veronica said...

Um...ronichick@ I thought you knew that! :O I swear sometimes I think I tell you thinks and I don't.

Yup on Dolly. I just added her to the iPod last night.


We'd add Northern State and Robyn to the list.

Unknown said...

I'd include Catie Curtis, Lucy Kaplansky, Dar Williams...everyone has already said Ani...and of course the Dixie Chicks, Sheryl Crow, and the Indigo Girls.

Amy :)
(because these damn comments won't let me put that in and I hate OpenID :)