This and that...

The weekend was jam packed, so I'm just now getting around to a round up of my Awearness posts and a few more media hits:


Kim Moldofsky quoted me in her piece" Invite Diversity To Your Brand's Blogger Retreat" on diversity & marketing to mom bloggers:

" founder Veronica Arreola thinks the lack of outreach to women of color is a subtle form of racism. "When people are asked to think of a typical American family, the one that comes to mind is a white family, not a black, Hispanic or multiracial one," says Arreola, a Latina mom. "Perhaps having the Obama family in the White House will help reshape perceptions," she adds."

Nona quoted me in "Raising the Baby Question" on moms, feminists & blogs:

Arreola, a 34-year-old mother who writes the blog Viva la Feminista, is a rare exception, a woman who has a strong blogger presence as a feminist and mother. She was one of the first in her group of feminist activist friends to have kids, a fact that immediately put her in "some other camp," she admits.

The web letters section has a good debate going, but I'm going to write up my thoughts separately.

I didn't post my full contribution to these articles so pl
ease do read the full articles. They are great.