Review: Flirty Cupcakes

After a week of lobbying, the Flirty Cupcakes powder blue van finally hit my work neighborhood!

I have to admit that it's too much fun trying to track down a van full of cupcakes over Twitter. I stood at one corner for a few minutes hitting "refresh" awaiting word on which direction to go. I went west to the end of a block, then assessed the parking situation and went back east...They parked 2 blocks west. I can say that I don't think I walked anywhere faster than I did on Tuesday.

I fully intended to buy one cupcake and savor it on my walk to a staff potluck and grant strategy meeting. But once I realized I could get 4 mini cupcakes, I was sold. See, I like to have an even ratio of frosting to cake. I kinda hate eating mega cupcakes where I'm eating half of the cake without frosting. Cause really, what's the point? But mini cupcakes are usually perfect in ratio.

Then I thought, I eat these all or wait until tonight and SHARE? I waited to share.

In the left photo, you see No Plain Jane and I think the McDreamy in the front row. In the right photo, you see Devil in Disguise and I think CBFF in the front row.

The results?

CBFF: Tasted more like a brownie than a cupcake.
No Plain Jane: This made both the kid & I say, "OMG!" I rarely like vanilla cupcakes, but I'd get a full size one of these babies.
Devil in Disguise: Thumbs up all around. The frosting is always key to red velvet cupcakes/cake and they got it perfect.
McDreamy: Good. It didn't wow me or anyone else the way that others did.

Bottom line? Add Flirty Cupcakes to your Twitter feed and/or Facebook and remember to check them every morning cause they might be flitting over near you. They are worth the effort of seeking them out and tracking them down. And start thinking of where exactly they can park near you because they seek out legal parking spots as to keep the guys and gals in blue smiling.

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