Where you can find me this summer

After a quiet period in terms of public engagements (private engagements are a whole other enchilada!), I have three big gigs coming up.

The first is at work. For many years, our Office of Women's Affairs has been holding a leadership conference for women who work and study on campus. Each year we get a good number of women from the community, which we love, as well. The one day event has two sessions of workshops where women chose to learn more about financial management, relaxation, stress management, how to go back to school, etc. The last 2-3 years I've been in New York City and haven't been able to attend or finally provide content. This year I'm doing a blogging workshop!

THEN I'll hop in my car and head on over to Columbia and sit on a panel for the Making Media Connections conference. And finally I'll be on a panel with THE Andrew Huff. My life is complete. *wink*

Lastly, Deanna Zandt organized a panel for Netroots Nation and it was accepted. WOO! I guess when I hang with rock stars...Althou, I gotta say that after watching Baratunde, who is also on the panel, I'm super nervous. I guess when I hang with rock stars...ACK!

Not bad for summer. Especially considering that the kid & I are going to Lilith Fair, we're still planning a family vacation, all the sporting events we want to attend and we need to take plenty of time to just hang out in Chicago. Gawd, now I already feel like summer is over.

This month is Latino Book Month. To celebrate, I'm giving away three books to one reader. To enter, just comment on any May 2010 post by May 31, 2010. I'm too busy to make you jump thru hoops. Comment!