Another shooting that targets women & the media just yawns

Jennifer Pozner at WIMNs Voices:
It happened again. Another violent guy shot and killed his wife — and went on to gun down six other women unfortunate enough to be in his path before committing suicide. Four women are now dead; three others are in critical condition. And some media outlets (such as the AP story on Yahoo! News, “5 dead after shooting in Miami-area restaurant,”) are still failing to report this as a gender-based hate crime… echoing previous journalistic failures. 

Me two years ago: 
Friend of Viva la Feminista, Jennifer Pozner has been writing about the gender imbalance in school, now mass, shootings since Jonesboro in 1996. Heck, one of my first pseudo-blogs back then was the keep a running photo memorial to the women killed in the shootings from Jonesboro to Columbine. Yet time again, shooting after shooting, the media scoffs aside the fact that MEN do most of the killing.  
Is there anything new to add to this conversation?

Now go read the rest of Jenn's post. 


In light of my 10th year of blogging, I swear, I'm going to find my ancient geocities pages just for kicks. But mostly because I want my Jonesboro webpage. I may need to dig out my Mac Performa and hope it turns on.