Summer of Feminista: Crispy Feminist Flan Cake

Written by Sandra Ramos O’Briant of Blood Mother Blog and The Sandoval Sisters

Crispy Feminist Flan Cake:

½ cup sexist daddy
1 cup manipulative Mexican mommy
¼ cup domineering grandmother
2 cups fiction, fantasy and lies
¼ tsp. poor impulse control (risk-taking can be substituted)
A dash of pachucas beating the crap out of you
Mix in Texan/New Mexican racism
Add 60’s protests
Add drugs and sex to taste
Toss in a sugar daddy
Sprinkle with Santa Fe art and bake in the sun blazing down on the Sangre de Cristos.

It’s ready when the center springs back no matter how many times it’s punched
Let it cool while watched by benevolent lesbians, compassionate crones and loving sons
Keep it in the fortress of its baking dish
Your reward will be a creamy tartsweet dessert edged with hard won brown crisp.

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