Viva la Feminista made it on "To the Contrary"

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Thanks to friend of VLF, Kim Gandy for mentioning this blog while discussing mom blogs on this week's episode of "To the Contrary." Bonnie Erbé starts the conversation about mom bloggers off at 9:45 in the video. The focus starts with women's purchasing power and how some mom bloggers are "an advertisers dream come true." Kim jumps in around 12:10 in the video.

It's a great topic that Bonnie introduced, one that many of us mom bloggers have debated on and off-line for years. Where is the line between suggesting products that work to your friends/readers and just using them to pitch junk to so you get paid? And what does that do to our community? So Bonnie, if you want to continue this conversation, let me know and I'll high tail it to DC. Even if I did just get back from DC on Friday. There's also PunditMom in your backyard. But she does have ads on her blog, I don't. So there....reason to have us both on your show. Call me!