Summer of Feminista: Don't call me a groupie! Women in the music biz

My name is Martha Carolona Preciado and I am an expert in progressive political grassroots movements pertaining to Latina women because of my involvement and political ideals.

How are you embracing/could you embrace the role of public intellectual?

Before music there was politics. I was completely involved in progressive grassroots movements for Latinas as the chair of La CoaliciĆ³n for a non-profit organization based in Washington D.C. addressing the needs of the Chicano/Latino/Hispanic community.

Now with my involvement in the music industry I have faced objectification and demeaning attitudes towards women in the industry. A continuous derogatory viewpoint, the concept of "groupie". I constantly encounter negative comments of my presence backstage of a show or my friendships with males in bands thus having to validate my work and is some ridicule manner apologize for being a woman. "She must be a groupie", as a response to my presence and overlooking my talent and capability; solemnly focusing on the sexual objectification of my gender.

The music industry is a male-dominated field creating an overwhelming disparity between men and women. Furthermore, unlikely to practice gender equity due to the assumptions and gender roles. I am a woman, I am Latina however there shall be no negative assumption of my talent or scrutinize my capabilities due my gender or cultural background. On the contrary, I embrace my gender and culture and I am proud to be a young Latina thriving in my work. As a woman, I strongly believe I embrace the role of a public intellectual by empowering women to break the glass ceiling and diminish stereotypes which limit our mobility in any workforce. In any of our fields, we must break any stereotype and generalization of our work. It is imperative to continue embracing our passions and close the gap in gender dichotomy. We need more women to exercise their professions without the need to prove themselves continuously. We too are capable, we too are talented. We are women who do not fear deeply-rooted stereotypes in our society. It is in our hands to demolish closed-minded perceptions and thrive in our professions.

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