Summer of Feminista: Growing into the role of public intellectual

My name is Marcela Christina Musgrove-Chavez and I am an expert in  medical informatics because that's what I'm studying in graduate school.

* Do you know a Latina who could be or should be recognized as a  public intellectual?

My first thought was Maria Hinojosa who's a pretty well known  journalist with her own new show. I would think Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina Supreme Court justice would be recognized since her  background seems very impressive, but since her confirmation we don't seem to have heard much from her.

* How are you embracing/could you embrace the role of public intellectual?

I've backed off from the idea of going into academia since I left a  PhD program. But being on twitter I've become active enough in posting that I've become recognized as part of the health community, which  offers a different and more comfortable way of being a "public intellectual".

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