Help out an Illinois school or a school in your part of the U.S. of A.

This is the second week of classes for Chicago Public Schools and about the 4th or 5th week for other schools. In other words, class is certainly back in session. While there are a lot of debates happening in my lil part of the world about length of school day, school year, teacher pay and on and on, one thing is perfectly clear:

Some schools simply lack basic supplies to educate our children.

We can have the kids in school all day, all year around, but if they don't have basic supplies, all the reforms in the world won't do jack.

That is why I am encouraging you to take a peek through the Donors Choose database to see if there is a school near you or a teacher requesting supplies for your favorite subject that you can support.

The beauty of Donors Choose is that even a small donation can do a long way. You also get thank you notes! If you are lucky, you get a photo too. That is my favorite part. Last year my family supported a class field trip to a play and we received a photo of them in the audience. Just heart warming and evidence of our small donation making a world of difference to the kids and helping the teacher make her curriculum whole.

I'm all up in the debates our public schools, but while we're debating what the best path to walk is, we still need to get our kids music, books, art supplies, field trips and science equipment.

Come on, what are you waiting for? Post links to your favorite project too!