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NBC Nightly News and Our Bodies, Ourselves

I was on the NBC Nightly News tonight! I was asked to contribute my thoughts about 'Our Bodies, Ourselves' in relation to being a contributor for the 40th anniversary edition, as a women's health & reproductive rights activist, as a Latina and as a mom. I was humbled to be asked to help with the latest edition and was floored when asked to speak about that experience on national TV. I'm are 2:34 in the video, but you should watch the whole segment. It is an honor to be in a piece with such trail blazing women. Thanks for visiting if you came via the segment! Especially my friends who arrived via Brian Williams. And to my coworkers who have now discovered this blog...hi! Visit for breaking news , world news , and news about the economy

Book Review: Mothers On Trial by Phyllis Chesler

Review by Trish Wilson  Dr. Phyllis Chesler has updated her groundbreaking book Mothers On Trial for the twenty-first century. Revised with seven new chapters, a new introduction, and a new resources section, this book is required reading for any mother going through a child custody battle. Chesler lays out the groundwork proving it's a myth that mothers have always had custody of their children. That myth is one reason I wanted to review Dr. Phyllis Chesler's revised edition of "Mothers On Trial" since I heard she was writing it a few years back. In the nearly thirty years since she wrote her first edition, things have gotten much worse for mothers. Mothers retain custody of their children only when fathers do not make an issue of it. When a mother and father go to court to fight for custody of their children, the father usually gets it even if he had been absent, neglectful, never married to the mother, controlling, absent for many years, a felon, or simply n

Review: Broken Mirror Baby by Alejandra O'Leary

Do you remember the TV show, Rags to Riches [ video ]? Well that spurred an obsession with 1950s-60s music that held me in its grasp for a few years. I especially loved the girl groups and their super cute matching outfits. But it was their pop hooks that reeled me in. I never got fully into riot grrrl, as I was more of a hip hop gal. I also steered towards radio friendly grunge pop like The Sundays . Which is why it shouldn't be a surprise that I really enjoyed Broken Mirror Baby by Alejandra O'Leary . When I popped it into the CD player on the way to work, my husband said, "If only Q101 were still around." At least the Q101 from my high school and college days, where they played grunge pop. O'Leary's music is fun, especially @ the club , the opening track. It's not too safe, but it's hella fun. And fun music is exactly is called for during the blah days of fall/winter in Chicago. The music will make you think you found a lost CD from

My favorite new Tumblr

And this is my favorite one because I correct people a lot on the girl-woman thing. I'm also always correcting myself! Love the genius behind this tumblr. Go you! Go you!

Women, War and Peace

This year's Nobel Peace Prize was award to the three women above for their non-violent revolutionary ways. I could not contain my glee on Friday when I heard the news. I was clicking all over the internet for stories on them. The piece at Democracy Now! shouldn't be missed. Tonight PBS starts a five-part series, Women, War and Peace , that will explore the issues these women deal with on a daily basis. I think only Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Leymah Gbowee are actually featured in the series, but the issues faced by women in the Arab world will be featured. The series airs weekly, so set the DVR so you don't miss it! And congrats again to these fabulous women! 

Happy Coming Out Day!

Here's a moving video from Basic Rights Oregon's Our Families series: To all the college students marking their first Coming Out Day, have fun!

I'm in the new Our Bodies, Ourselves!

Yesterday was one of those days that everything seemed to have hit me at once. When I opened the envelope and saw that the latest edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves was inside, I was giddy. I quickly found a shelf in the post office to flip to the back where contributors are listed. There I was. Fuck yeah! It's a bit embarrassing at the same time as I know I didn't contribute a whole lot, but I did what I could. Then it dawned on me that I've been at this women's health thing for over twenty years. I'm by far not an expert; I am a hobbyist. And it all started back when my mom use to tell me stories about working in the delivery room, from her nursing school classes and when she worked at a clinic. She would remark about the news as if talking to the TV (now I know where I get it!) or the newspaper. I would sometimes ask her to explain more. Sometimes she would just go on a rant and explain it whether I liked it or not. By the time I got through college and work

New Conference CFP: Mothering and Reproduction

CALL FOR PAPERS Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement (MIRCI) MOTHERING AND REPRODUCTION featuring an embedded conference on the topic of MOTHERING, SCIENCE, AND TECHNOLOGY October 18-20, 2012, Toronto, ON, Canada We welcome submissions from scholars, students, artists, mothers and others who research in this area. Cross-cultural and comparative work is encouraged. We are open to a variety of submissions including academic papers from all disciplines and creative submissions including visual art, literature, and performance art. This conference will examine the ethical, political, social/cultural, economic, historical, religious, spiritual, and psychological dimensions of reproduction and mothering. While the larger conference will be broad in its interpretation and engagement with the subject of 'Mothering and Reproduction', an embedded conference will be specific to exploring how mothers' decisions and experiences of reproduction and moth