The aftermath

I have tried really hard to keep this blog separate from my work life. For one, I work for the state, so I try to keep my rantings and ramblings about how the state works to politics, not on how my actual employer is doing. So the fact that NBC used my blog as my "title" and not my actual work title meant that far more people know about this blog than before last week. It's not like I was hiding it, just trying to keep things in separate boxes. And despite being a blogger & quite the media hound, I'm terrible at self-promotion.

Last year at Leadership Illinois, we had a presenter on social media and I sat there quietly enjoying the presentation. Until one point when I asked a question or responded to someone else's question. The presenter asked me how many followers *I* had and kinda blew his mind. I get stuff done, but I don't flaunt it. Or at least I try not to flaunt it. Also last year a colleague asked me to be on a panel about social media at work. She then did a real time Google of me to show and it freaked me out. Why? I can't quite put into words. Just more of that two separate arenas. And it's not like I'm not "Viva la Feminista" at work either! I guess I just don't want my employer to have to deal with my ramblings.

So here my two worlds are meeting again. And it still freaks me out, but it is also nice. It'll be cozy soon enough. As long as I don't write anything here that pisses my long line of "bosses" off. *waving*

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