25 July 2012

Summer of Feminista: Where is my money going?

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My son asked me a question during the last presidential election. He wanted to know why the Obama campaign was asking for money. I explained that it was how it was done; the candidates raised money to buy ads in the hopes that people will see the ads and vote for them.

“Why would you give money to someone who has lots of money and not to charity?”

Yes, why would I give lots of money to any campaign especially right now, 4 years later. I donate money to the public school my boys go to and I give my time. Without donations there isn’t enough money for the school to have PE, Art, a Nurse, or even enough teachers so the classes aren’t overcrowded.

Giving money to a candidate doesn’t seem like the best thing to do in this economy, but I worry what will happen if I don’t. I worry that if I don’t support the candidates I believe in (or as much as I can believe in anyone these days) that all of our choices will go away. Choice to make decisions over our bodies, choice for affordable healthcare, and choice about sending our kids to public school.

It seems like there are so many areas that need our money right now. There are so many people that need help.

Where else would I like to see my money go? How about to feeding the 2.5 million children in Los Angeles alone who aren’t getting enough food to eat. Or how about to a free clinic like the one at Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles that is giving medical care and birth control to students who can’t get it elsewhere. I wish I knew where to give my money to help the mentally ill homeless man who lives on and off at the end of my street and yells at unseen figures and walks into traffic.

What I really wish is that I had confidence that the candidates would tackle issues that I care about instead of using the money to tear each other down. Obama raised $71 million in June and Romney raised $106 million. If only this money were going toward something bigger than just an election.

What will I tell my son if he asks me if I’m donating this year? I just don’t know.

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April said...

While I have no confidence that it'll ever happen, but we desperately need REAL campaign finance reform. The amount of $$ spend on campaigns turns my stomatch.

Desiree Eaglin said...

You could donate time and money to a local shelter or food bank.

Katie said...

I find all the money spent on the elections to be revolting. Schools could be built, lives could be saved, people could be fed. But then again there is so much money spent on bad choices in this country, it's hard to figure out where to start!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Desiree Eaglin....At least we can control where we voluntarily donate our money; our usually goes to causes nearest to our hearts.

Admin said...

Desiree has a fantastic point & so does Katie. There are so many homeless children in our country, and the programs get so little funding. If only some of that money could reach them

Unknown said...

I like Desiree's idea. But your kid is very insightful. All that money to promote themselves. I hope they're giving back too.

chell said...
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chell said...

I agree with so much that has been said. It's such a waste of money in a way because honestly, so much of it goes into negative ads and figuring out ways to slam the other opponent. Can you imagine if those 200 million dollars could be used for something positive? To help fund food banks and Americans struggling to meet their basic needs. It's a shame and really how do you explain that to our children. It just doesn't make sense.

Aracely W

chell said...
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