Summer of Feminista: Action from Dissatisfaction

This week Summer of Feminista welcomes Dior Vargas. 
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I am also including this as part of Viva la Feminista's contribution to the Latina Week of Action for Reproductive Justice 2012.

Last election I was so hopeful about the idea of having Obama in office as did a lot of people. It warranted a completely different feeling than the one I have now. This time I’m disillusioned and not excited about what’s coming. The system is flawed and I don’t know if one candidate over the other will ensure the freedom and equality that we all deserve. If the Occupy Movement is any indication, people are not content with the way our country is being run. I’ve had to reexamine the country that I grew to love because democracy, the governmental structure that was supposed to work, has been corrupted.

Sure the Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare, as it is now being referred to, is great. There are so many benefits for women. However, not all of it is true. Every woman cannot gain access to ALL birth control like it’s been advertised. If you have insurance, you have to wait for it to renew and then you can get generic birth control for free. Of course, if the one you’re taking has a generic. If not, then you’re forced to go to the doctor and find one that is equivalent to the one you’re using currently. That can be extremely difficult for some women. In addition, if you don’t have any insurance then you don’t benefit at all. What about all the people who don’t have health insurance? Most of them are women of color. This war on women has to stop. There have been numerous attempts to disenfranchise women. We are called sluts for taking charge of our own bodies and wanting the right to do with them whatever we want. We shouldn’t have to pass certain examinations or tests to get an abortion. Why? In order for them to deem our situation sufferable enough or deemed acceptable in their eyes? We can’t even use the word “VAGINA” or “MENSTRUATION” in certain venues. What happened to our freedom of speech? The government spends so much money on wars when we could be spending it on improved infrastructure, more educational opportunities, decrease the violence against women, and so many more worthy causes.

I want the candidates to sincerely care about the people who are going to elect the next president. I don’t want them to feign interest in the Latino population for their voting power. I want them to raise money for causes that help others. Not tear each other down to win a race that I think is not worth winning if they are not genuinely interested in the improvement of our country.

In the end, one thing that I am grateful for is the grassroots organizing that has come out of all the dissatisfaction. We aren’t going to let this continue without some type of action. I don’t have faith in the system but I have faith in the people who care about this country and who want equal rights for everyone. I have faith in myself.

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