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Review: Karoo

The one thing I really miss from when the kid was in daycare is reading the teacher's notes about what she did that day. Teachers don't do things like that, nor should they. But I miss learning what milestones she reached, who she played with and all the cute stuff. I don't kid myself that they may have not noted some milestones like her first steps. What are the chances her first steps were taken at home, on a weekend and in front of the camera? But I appreciated the daycare's consideration of our feelings. has launched an app, Karoo , that zips you right to the daily report, while you are still at work. I know, I know, like we need one more thing to check during our day. For some of us, it may only exasperate our longing for being at home with our kids. For some of us, it may give us just that peek in our kids that we need to get through the rest of the day. Who wouldn't like to know that lil Alex just started on a craft project giving us 15 more mi

Summer of Feminista: Organized Coraje

To close out Summer of Feminista, we welcome Linda Garcia Merchant.  Linda is a documentary film maker and founder of Voces Primeras . She is currently working on " Chicana por mi Raza : Uncovering the Hidden History of Chicana Feminism (1965‐1985)," a public humanities project centered on the collection and digital preservation of archival materials, ephemera, and oral histories that document the development of Chicana feminist thought during the civil rights era. This last June we interviewed two iconic figures of Latina activism from the Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago, Teresa Fraga and Raquel Guerrero as a part of an oral history project on Chicana Feminists entitled, Chicana Por Mi Raza. These women were a part of a group of incredible women making history in Chicago at a time when Latinos across the country were making history. Mrs. Fraga and Mrs. Guerrero, along with a number of organizations, spearheaded the movement that ultimately got the first Latino high sc

Checking in...Here's what's up

As one can tell by the radio silence on this blog, the fall semester has begun. I started blogging as a way to get all the thoughts in my head out into the universe. Now that I'm back in class, the kid's in school ( well, not right now , but soon I hope!), soccer season has begun (we won the first game 6-0, second game 5-0) and a zillion other things, not to mention work, I just don't have the time to always get here to let the words out. It doesn't mean I don't have them. I swear I'm thinking up blog posts all day long. Eleven years of this and you start to think in blog posts. I wonder if columnists do the same thing? I just don't have the time to sit down and write the way I want. Summer was quite productive for my writing though. I did find time to write up a short piece for the Bitch List on Derby Lite . It's in the current issue, Elemental . I also reviewed Jessica Valenti 's book, Why Have Kids? , for Ms. Magazine and that issue should b

CFP: Indigenous Mothering

CALL FOR PAPERS Demeter Press is seeking submissions for an edited collection entitled Indigenous Mothering, Family and Community: International Perspectives Editors: Dr. D. Memee Lavell-Harvard and Dr. Kim Anderson DEADLINE FOR ABSTRACTS: January 7, 2013 The voices of Indigenous women worldwide have long been silenced by colonial oppression and institutions of patriarchal dominance. Recent generations of powerful Indigenous women have begun speaking out so that their positions of respect within their families and communities might be reclaimed. As part of this process of reinvigorating our spirits we are compiling a volume exploring the issues surrounding and impacting Indigenous mothering, family and community in a variety of contexts internationally. We welcome submissions from Indigenous mothers, scholars, students, activists, workers, artists, and any others interested in the experiences and knowledges of Indigenous mothe

Our Bodies, Our Votes

My submission to the Our Bodies, Our Votes tumblr Get your own bumpersticker !

What's missing from the DNC? Talk of repealing the ban on abortions for women in uniform

My Twitter stream has been a flutter this week with feminist joy at how often speakers have mentioned women's rights and 'choice' at the Democratic National Convention. Sandra Fluke knocked it out of the park with her speech, but we still have a lot of work to do if in six months our President does have our back. One area where I want to see President Obama have our collective backs is the issue of military women and abortion. Current law bans servicewomen from using their own insurance to pay for abortion services if they become pregnant as the result of rape. According to Stand Up for Servicewomen : Current law forbids military hospitals from providing abortion care except in cases of rape, incest, or life endangerment— even if the woman pays with her own funds. Because physicians on military bases are prohibited from providing abortion care, servicewomen are often forced to choose between taking leave and traveling far distances to an American provider, seeking servi

Mijas, Baseball and the White House Need You!

I gave birth to one daughter, but I do consider every girl in the world a daughter. It's a cheesy thought, yes, but it is true. When I fight for women's rights, I am not just fighting for myself or my daughter, but for all the girls around the world. That cheesy notion became all too real last night. Francesca Escoto wrote a quick post about a conversation she had with her daughters last night : As we are making arroz-con-leche, my oldest asks: “Why are the major league sports male dominated?” Gulp. My middle child responds: “What? Baseball is only for boys?” I think I’m gonna cry. Without me being able to answer coherently, my middle child goes on: “Why is everything for boys? Even my teacher says she prefers boys.” My oldest: “Mom, has there ever been a woman president?” My answer: “Not in the United States.” Middle child: “Even the president of the U.S. is a male-dominated sport?” I wanted to get my virtual friend Veronica Arreola and put her on speaker phone. Ver