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Does President Obama have to say "abortion" for him to support abortion rights?

There's a lot of chatter about how President Obama addressed, in person, a Planned Parenthood conference . In my opinion he gave a fab speech, filled with all the things I would want him to say. The first time I met the President he was still an Illinois State Senator and it was at a Planned Parenthood lobby day. He bought us lunch. He took the time to come say hi and thank us for our work. Honestly, I can't remember if he said the word "abortion" or not. But he was there. For me, that says a lot. But to some the fact he did not say the word "abortion" last week was a disappointment. What say you? BTW - The Illinois Planned Parenthood Gala is coming up soon. 

This week in rape culture

  Just when I thought we might be turning a corner on addressing rape culture, we get a week like this: Steubenville's football coach had his contract renewed :  the city of Steubenville could have stood tall for its women and the men who cherish them and sent a strong message to its young people. Instead, it has hunkered down, burnishing its reputation as a town that cares more about football than it does about the children it will launch into the world. Forest Hills School District, outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan, is being sued for not only failing to report a sexual assault, but trying to talk a girl out of reporting it all : The complaint asserts that in 2010, a high school girl was sexually assaulted in a soundproof band room at Forest Hills Central High School by a star player on the school’s basketball team. After one of her teachers notified the principal about the assault, he discouraged the student and her parents from filing charges. But because they

Does Online Feminism Have an Agenda?

For my public policy class I decided to adjust my paper (that is due on Wednesday) to focus on the #FemFuture report. Specifically I'll be writing about online feminism and agenda setting. While I was reading about online feminism, agenda setting and online organizing and networks, I thought "Feministas should know this!" Especially since I thought that the #FemFuture report was devoid of historical context including acknowledgement of research done about online feminism, that could have given the report more muscle. So I'm writing up my literature review notes on my PhD tumblr ...yeah, it's back. Feel free to follow along and yes, please comment! Back to work!

Back to the #FemFuture

This is the longest post I think I have ever written. Thus I have created some quick links to areas you might be more interested in or to allow for skipping around. Thanks for reading! ~VLF The Origins of Online Feminism…For Reals This Time Who Are Online Feminists? The Feminist Reward Card The Future is making coffee Who Leads? The Origins of Online Feminism…For Reals This Time Little did the engineers who created the Internet know what they were unleashing. In an attempt to ease sharing of scientific and military work, they created an international organizing tool. It took little time for activists to realize the power that a computer connected to a phone line (kids, back then, we needed wires to be connected) had to their organizing lives. When I opened an account on Geocities (RIP) in the mid-1990s, I never imagined how much it would change my life. At the same time I knew that the revolution would include online communications and wanted to contribute what I could. M

My daughter just shook her head...

then dramatically put it on the dinner table. She's nine and she gets that telling girls to not wear leggings in order to not distract boys is ridiculous *. I'm not using the term " rape culture " with her yet, but I hope I'm setting her up for that "Oh...this is what Mom's been talking about!" I didn't even address her when talking about the story. Rather I addressed the table where my husband & daughter were waiting patiently for the server to bring us dinner, "So, there's a middle school..." *OK, she is my daughter, so she might be swearing in her head, but let me believe she's immune to my foul mouth.

Book Review: In the Garden of Thoughts by Dodinsky (Giveaway)

There's something about working on your PhD that really makes you into a person who appreciates self-help and inspirational books. In the Garden of Thoughts is the latest book by Dodinsky and it fulfills both self-help and inspirational. Yes, it also is cheesy, but ya know, some days the world makes cheesy necessary! This gift book would be excellent for students who are graduating this spring. Or someone who just needs a pick me up. I know I am keeping it handy as I try to get through these final weeks of the semester. To mark the release of this book, I'm giving away a Dodinsky poster & bookmark. RULES: Simple! Just comment and leave your email. Please leave your email so I can get in touch with you. Sorry, USA and Canadian addresses only. Deadline:  April 12, 2013, Midnight Central Time. After the deadline, I'll use to select a random winner. In the Garden of Thoughts will be in bookstores April 16th. You can also buy a copy through Pow

"The Ugly Truth" About the Sex Trade

Hollywood has sanitized sex work by romanticizing it, as in "Pretty Woman," to a point that many people will wave off criticism of people who pay for sex by claiming that women "choose" to do it. While the feminist debate over sex work continues, there is no debate that much is wrong with the sex trade. An organization, End Demand Illinois has launched a campaign with these outdoor signs : "The Ugly Truth" is a multi-media advertising campaign that seeks to raise awareness of the harm inflicted on women who are trafficked or prostituted, while calling the public to clear and measurable action on their behalf. Created through a dialogue with our partners at the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE), who are currently working to pass critical anti-sexual exploitation legislation in Springfield. Lynne Johnson, leader of End Demand Illinois and a colleague in the Chicago feminist scene, wrote a n eloquent op-ed about ending the policy to

Review: Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines

Perhaps you might remember a Kickstarter from last year that was about Wonder Woman ? Well, the final product is finally here! And it kicks ass. "Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines" by Vaquera Productions premieres on Independent Lens on PBS April 15th (check your local listings) and it is a much watch. Ella, my 9-year-old daughter, and I watched the preview DVD together on a Saturday afternoon during a study break. Bottomline? We loved it. I grew up on the Linda Carter "Wonder Women," so I enjoyed learning about Wonder Woman's history. I knew she was created to fight the Nazis - that you could get from the show, but I also picked up that elsewhere. But I did not know, or forgot, that Wonder Woman was stripped of her powers at one point! And other lady comic book heroes turned away from saving the day to pining over men. Talk about feminist backlash! Along the way, we not only learn more about our favorite Amazon princess (Sorry,