Review: Girls Can't What?

If you are still pissed at the Children's Place "Girls don't do math" t-shirt episode, know that there are a lot of great online shops that provide cute items for our kids AND have an empowering message. One sure place is Girls Can't What? 

I picked the woman scientist tote bag for review. Turns out that I have the same bag for this blog, so I can attest that the bag is up to snuff for holding a lot of gear. I've packed this tote to the gills, including my laptop and school books. It won't let you down.

BUT...what is the real attraction for this line of products are the cute illustrations. I will say that my 10-year-old daughter wasn't into them, but there are a lot that I enjoy.

So if your daughter is looking for a great bag for her after school activities, this would be an excellent choice. But GCW also has shirts, buttons, mugs, you get it...the whole Zazzle store. I also like that there is a wide variety of illustrations, so whether your girl wants to be an astronaut or drive a truck, there's something for her. Or you...they do have adult sizes!