Review: NatureBox

This is a long overdue review from a product I learned about at Blogher! Yeah, I'm that behind on my to-blog list. But back to the review...

NatureBox is a service that sends you new & healthy snacks monthly. My husband makes Ella's lunches, so I hear his frustration at finding 1) something new to add to her lunch box and 2) ensuring a balance between fun and healthy. If those challenges sound familiar, NatureBox could help you address them.

I received a complimentary box of snacks to test out. First, the box was very sturdy, so no need to worry about your snacks arriving smashed. In the photo you can see how they are packaged.

Now for taste...Let's be honest, ok? The stuff we get in the grocery store is, for the most part, full of chemicals that make us think it tastes good. Some of the snacks I needed to get use to. But I realized it was unhealthy chemical stuff that I was craving. Other snacks (like the chocolate wafers) were winners right out of the bag. And this is why getting new snacks every month will come in handy because if you or your family don't like one snack, it's just one bag. Just wait until the next month!

I so enjoyed my trial and think you will too that I joined their affiliate program. Yup, if you click thru any NatureBox links in this post or on the NatureBox graphic on the sidebar and sign up, I get a few bucks. I hope to be able to offer giveaways and coupons in the future.