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The benefits of the business of mommy blogging

Obviously the benefits are the swag...I'm not the most popular mommy blogger for swag. I don't get gift baskets delivered to my home without request, but I do have friends who are connected. So thanks to Kim, I was able to attend a LeapFrog party last weekend.

The kid already had a Tag system and in September we received the Leapster 2 and Didj systems. As the direction following gal I am, I programed both new systems with the kid's info and correct status as a kindergartener. Alas, the Diji system and the game that accompanied it are strict on the grade level, thus it wouldn't do much for a kindergartener when the game is for 2nd graders and up.

The Leapster 2 has a nice feature where kids can doodle and color without the killing of trees...seriously, the kid is responsible for at least a few trees at this point. But the Didj had me stumped.

Luckily at the party we were able to receive the Star Wars game and the helpful hint to just up the kid's grade (which I did to second grade). My newphew also helped the kid figure out the lil Mario Bros-like game that comes with the Didj the week before. So far so good...The kid plays her Didj and every now & then, the Didj asks math questions that are pretty much at her level. She is pretty much doing 1st grade math right now.

I'm not ready to fully endorse the products as I want to see how the kid does for a bit longer.

The party last week was really nice. We got to meet a few of the education specialists who help Leapfrog figure out how to mix gaming with learning or was it learning with gaming? Either way, what impressed me was their statements that they want active learning. No sitting in front of the TV and hoping something sinks in. I'm hopeful. There I am with my green scarf on making a point - I always get photographed with that face! ha!

It was also very nice to see many of the Chicago mommy bloggers who I read or follow on Twitter. And it's always nice to hang with Kim, even if she was working.

Edited to add: I finally found the photos from the event. I didn't take any, but Kim was a clicking! Not only was there swag galore, but there was face painting, caricatures, and snacks. Here's the kid with her beautiful flower face. She was a bit tired at first since she came straight from soccer, but had a great time!

Don't forget that VLF is participating in the DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge. We already have one class funded, let's get that second one funded! The teacher is requesting funding to buy books by women authors. Also don't forget that I'm giving out goodies to a few select peeps who donate!


Kim Moldofsky said…
Aw, I always happy to bring you along. (Speaking of which, do you know about the Chicago Social Media Club meet-up this Thursday?)
On a technical note, LeapFrog puts the learning before the gaming--just want to clear up any confusion ;-)
Kim Moldofsky said…
Oops, make that "I'm always happy..." Maybe LeapFrog has a good grammar game for me.
Veronica said…
ha! Thanks again Kim. Yes, it is learning with gaming, but the kids see it the other way, which is why I let the kid play with it so much.

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