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Sorry for being kinda AWOL around here lately. I've really been busy writing for AWEARNESS this week and will be for the foreseeable future. First, I've been asked to contribute more and since it's a pro-blogger gig and well, two weeks ago my husband quit his job. I can't give the details, but despite the loss of his salary, it was a good thing. I'm very proud of him. He hasn't been slacking at home either, but having many networking lunches almost every day. He even has interviews on Monday and Thursday. We're also waiting to hear back from a few other prospects. I think we're going to be just fine.

Last night I took the kid with me to the NW Suburban NOW benefit. It was a small crowd, but it was great time. The president of the chapter has a daughter who is a few months older than the kid. We're gotten them together before, but last night they really hit it off. Maybe being trapped in a bakery with adults does that to 5yos. The kid was back in her Leia from Hoth costume complete with a blaster gun. Prez daughter was Batgirl. It was really cute watching them run around together.

I got a chance to catch up with Christine Cegelis who ran for Congress twice. During her second run, I took the kid out with me to canvass for Christine. She's a solid femininst and some think that her amazing run against Henry Hyde helped push him into retirement. So the kid was only about 3 when we spent an afternoon canvassing. Then the next winter we were out canvassing for an aldermanic candidate in our neighborhood.

Our weekends have been jam packed with other things and we haven't gotten out to canvass this year and I feel bad about it. BUT next Sunday opened up and I'm hoping that we can get out and canvass for either Obama in Indiana or someone else in the burbs.

But I was telling Christine how the kid has been following the Presidential election and was heartbroken when Hillary lost. She was pretty impressed that the kid was so engaged. "Maybe one day she'll enter politics too!" remarked Christine. "Maybe" was my response.

Will she enter politics one day? I'm pretty sure of it. Not sure if she'll be candidate, but I think that the hubby & I are doing the best we can to instill in her that paying attention to politics is part of being a citizen.

The other day she was getting ready to leave for school when I remarked that she looked like she was ready to go canvass for Obama. She had her coat on with her messenger bag slung on while holding a clipboard and pen. She smiled. We had a quick chat about voting and she asked me why she can't vote. Uh-oh...Well, most people don't think that kids know enough to vote. "I know a lot! I know enough to vote!" Well, we could write a letter to someone, maybe Senator Obama about allowing kids to vote. She smiled as if I had solved the entire problem.

We haven't written that letter and I think that's the problem with children's suffrage, they get distracted with other shiny things. But she was seriously pissed off that as a minor she couldn't vote. And she's a right...I think she has a better understanding of some of the issues some adults.

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