Update on "Who Wants to be the Democrat LT. Gov Nominee?"

As I reported to you last week, Illinois Democratic Party bosses/leaders were set to pick a new candidate for Lt. Governor after the first one went down in flames. So who did they choose?

Shelia Simon.

I don't know Shelia Simon. The only thing I know about her is that her dad was one of our most beloved U.S. Senators and inspired me as a kid. She was also in one of Obama's campaign commercials. Charles Thomas does an excellent job wrapping up what this means to us ordinary folks. Yup, here in Illinois the Dems aren't scared of nepotism.

First of all, I think that Gov. Quinn's naming Shelia before the Central Committee could even meet was crappy. We had 15 other candidates headed down to Springfield as the media was reporting that the vote would end up being Simon versus Turner. Newbie with a family name versus a man with experience. White woman versus Black man. Southern Illinois versus Chicago. I'm sure there were a million ways they were pitted against each other. If Quinn was going to pick someone, just let him pick someone. Don't try to put on an act as if there is transparency and a chance for anyone to step up to the plate and grab the slot. Our state is in a freaking mess and we need our leaders to act like freaking leaders.

In the end it came down to geographic location and genes.

I wonder if Simon also thinks that my future coworkers deserve to be shafted on their pensions too?

Could it be that for two Gubernatorial races in a row I shall vote for Rich Whitney? Stay tuned.