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Book Review: Odd Girl Out by Rachel Simmons (Revised Edition)

The newly revised and updated edition of Odd Girl Out is a must have for every person who is parenting or educating a girl. This was the first book I grabbed once my fall classes were over. A bookshelf of books have been taunting me since August, but this is the one I had to read first. Why? I think it's because I have a daughter. She's eight and in the 3rd grade and we've already had two incidents involving bullying. The first was in preschool and the second was last year. Both incidents were handled by teachers are administrators in a manner that Simmons suggests in Chapter 12: the road ahead for teachers and administrators. That chapter gives some wonderful suggestions on how to set up a school or even a classroom to be as bully-proof as possible. Obviously no place can be bully-proof, but one thing that Simmons points out is that one way to address bullying is to have a transparent and predictable system of consequences. If a student knows that Sally and Maria are

2011 Feminista Travel Log: Everywhere else

My first travel log covered my four trips to Washington, DC . Here, I'll cover the other places that welcomed me and my family. Seattle: This was the worst of my trips as I traveled to Seattle to be with my Tia and cousins after my Tio died . I obviously did not do much sight seeing. But just being back in the Northwest was comforting. I love the SeaTac airport, especially the salmon that are imprinted on the floor of the terminals, not to mention the way the water fountains gurgle like a river. *big sigh* I can't wait to get back there. Butler University: I drove down to Butler University to kick off their activities for Women's History Month. I had a lot of fun talking to their students. I didn't go to a fancy-looking school, so it's always nifty to visit one. The students who go to Butler are blessed with a beautiful campus. I hope they all enjoy it. Denver: I went to Denver for a work conference. We stayed at the Lowes , which is swanky looking, but is p

2011 Feminista Travel Log: Washington DC

2011 brought a good amount of traveling, although far too bunched up for my taste. Why can't the Goddess space out my trips better? Let's look back at where I went and what we learned, shall we? Me and my coworkers at the Executive Building Washington, DC : FOUR, four trips to our nation's capital this year! All for wonderful reasons, so who can really complain? In January I zipped off with my coworkers to accept an award at the White House. We spent five days in DC in a lot of meetings with a lot of other people who are dedicated in our shared mission to increase the diversity of scientists and engineers in the USA. I returned in March for a grantee meeting. I stayed at the Omni Shoreham Hotel which was like a museum. It had all these amazing displays about the building's history. I was fortunate that a few of my DC friends trekked over to Open City for dinner one night. I stopped by another time just to grab tea & a muffin. I also got away one night and

Viva la Feminista on the radio

  It's Feminist Wednesday time on the Morning AMp! Catch me on Vocalo tomorrow from 9 am - 10 am.  You can join in our discussion by calling in to 888.635.1112, posting on Facebook or tweeting me . Listen online or via the vocalo app !

Donors Choose: Support Bilingual students, Pregnant Teens and a very cool art project

Can you believe it's almost gift giving time? Whether you are giving for Christmas or Hanukkah, Donors Choose has plenty of projects to select from. Seriously, why give a crappy $20 gift when you can donate in a loved one's name to a school that can put that $20 into action? I had intended to flip through Donors Choose and offer a long list of projects for easy donating. But I decided to go with three schools in particular: 1) The Learning Garden at Meadowdale Elementary This school was just up the street from the house I grew up in. I didn't attend this school, but I spent a lot of time at their playground. One of the outside walls is tall and flat without windows (at least when I was a kid, I haven't visited in years) and is on the parking lot. So this is where a young Roni use to pretend she was a tennis pro, spending hours hitting the three tennis balls she owned into a wall. It also had an awesome hill that was perfect for sledding. 2) Pregnant Teenagers

Review: Chicago Toy and Game Fair

Last month I took the family to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair. Sadly we only had about an hour to look around the fair. But in that short time we found a few good new games. Disclaimer : We attended using a blogger pass that I applied for and were given a swag bag of a variety of games. Any game with an asterisk (*) is one we now own thanks to the swag bag. Pajaggle *: Imagine the classic game of Perfection, but bigger and more intense. AND if you buy more than one set of Pajaggle, you can play head-to-head...or as we did, head-to-head-to-head. Play against the clock or against a friend or family member. You can get a taste of the game via e-Pajaggle . Perplexus : Oh-my-gawd this is an addictive game! The kid got one for her birthday and we've been addicted since. So when we walked into the toy and game fair and spotted the giant sized version of Perplexus we rushed it. As you can tell from the picture, the kid loved playing with it. We had to drag her away. Hopefully Sant

Raising a Citizen (includes book and website reviews)

The kid has to complete a certain number of book reports every quarter. Included in the book reports are online quizzes from Some of the questions on the quizzes are pretty specific about plot points. Tonight the kid took a quiz based on the book, Vote! , by Eileen Christelow . When we were first told we had to use the site, I was skeptical. But the quizzes seem fair. Tonight though, the site proved pretty awesome. Here are a few of the questions the kid was asked about Vote! What do you have to do if you want to vote? What are political parties? Why does a politician want to do a good job? (Answer was to get reelected) Who decides who could vote? What did the Constitution say about voting? What do the candidates hope to do in a debate? How old do you have to be to vote? Perhaps these should be the first questions asked of GOP candidates at the next debate? And that brings me to the awesomeness that is Vote!  Christelow has crafted a picture book

JOURNAL CFP: Motherhood and Activism

CALL FOR PAPERS The editorial board is seeking submissions for Vol. 3.2 of the Journal of the Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement (JMI) to be published in fall/winter 2012. Motherhood Activism, Advocacy, Agency The journal will explore the topic of Motherhood Activism, Advocacy and Agency from a variety of perspectives and disciplines. We welcome submissions from scholars, students, activists, government agencies and workers, artists, mothers, and others who work or research in this area. Cross-cultural, historical and comparative work is encouraged. We also welcome creative reflections such as poetry, short stories, and artwork on the subject. Topics can include (but are not limited to): the relationship between maternal agency and institutional constraints; personal agency; social agency; intersectionality and maternal agency; maternal agency and social justice; empowerment and family-life responsibilities; maternal agency and l