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Women's Health Activism & Online Feminism

If you aren't following Jessie Daniels on SlideShare, go do it now. She just posted another great presentation (although I wish it came with all her thoughts) about online feminism. This time it is about women's health activism. Our Blogs, Our Bodies, Ourselves: Women's Health Activism in Digital, Global Context from Jessie Daniels

Summer of Feminista 2014: Girlfriends

     Why yes my dear readers, it is that time of the year!  Memorial Day is in the books and as we wonder what summer will bring us, we do know it will bring us a conversation between Latinas about feminism. To facilitate that conversation, I am proposing this theme: Girlfriends And to clarify, I don't mean the romantic "girlfriend." But your friend who is a girl. The one who pop culture tells us we sit around drinking martinis with talking about our sex lives. Also the one that pop culture warns us about -- The catty woman in our lives who might turn on us.  What is Summer of Feminista? It is my annual summer blog event where I ask you, yes, you! to share your thoughts on an idea related to feminism and being Latina. Although not all those who share consider themselves feminists or Latina. You write a blog post and I post it here. And if you have a blog,  can post it there too. If you don't have a blog, that's ok! You can read about SoF 201

Test driving the Captain America car

During the Chicago Car Show I participated in a GM social media event. We were given a tour of the show before the public had a chance to see the cars and we went to lunch with Anita Burke, the Chief Engineer for the Mid-Size GMC and Chevrolet new trucks. While it was an event for social media influencers, I attended as I know some of the students I work with would benefit from any connections to GM I could create. This was another instance of where I try to leverage all the awesome doors social media opens for me for my students. I say all of this as a disclaimer to the rest of the post. In the thank you email I received from GM for attending their event, they also invited me to test drive a car for a week. Normally I turn these down as living in Chicago means parking any extra cars on the street. On our permit-only street. What a hassle. But my family and I were planning a quick trip down to Starved Rock and I figured I would give it a shot.  We ended up test driving a Chev

Book Review: This is Not a Test by José Vilson

My family is privileged, especially in terms of education. We live in Chicago, home to the much-maligned Chicago Public School system. She has caring teachers who push her to be her best, encourage her when she is still learning a skill and remember us by name (at least first, some still fail to remember my daughter & I don’t share a last name). Outside of the weight of her backpack, we have little to complain about. For her. Yet we understand that where we are privileged, we know it is not an even distribution across the city. When I was pregnant and even throughout the first years of Ella’s life, we would field the question, “So you’re going to move to the suburbs right?” No. As a kid who grew up in the suburbs, I dreamt of moving to “the big city” of Chicago when I was old enough. And I did. I love Chicago and the fact that despite the economic segregation we live under, we still manage to have a diverse group of people in our lives. My husband and I are also committed to

Sterling and Racism in the USA

My mouth dropped when I heard NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, announce that he was suspending indefinitely, the owner of the LA Clippers, Donald Sterling, over his racist remarks which were recorded. At first I was happy that he would no longer be able to conduct business with the team, but then I realized that this was the worst outcome for the anti-racism conversation. No, I do not want to see his smug face on the sidelines with whomever he happens to be dating this week. But let us step back and examine what has happened. Truly examine what message this explusion from the NBA says about racism in America. It means keep your mouth shut. Mike Florio thinks that this is a big signal to sports owners across the country. You are on notice! Your racism will not be tolerated. But he is wrong. Racism is tolerated. Racist remarks recorded on a phone is not tolerated. We must be honest and forthright about the difference. And this difference is why we see Sterling trying to apologize

Drums please! Summer, Summer, Summertime!

My semester is over and it was around 80 degrees today, so it's time to pull out the Fresh Prince. I won't lie to y'all, 2014 is not going that great. But on the other hand, it's going pretty good. I guess that's how life is sometimes. Cue the "Facts of Life" theme song! As Joey would say, "How you doin'?" I have a lot of stuff to deal with in terms of #PhDLife. More soon, I hope on this. I also have a growing pile of books to read for review on my dining room table. I'm sure Tony wishes my pile of books would move somewhere else, but that is certainly a goal for this summer - to get my mess of a home office in usable form. I also have a backlog of reviews to write from places I've been, some products I've used and books I've read. Yes, I'm still working on my "Lean In" review. Hey, people are still asking for it. And yes, my loyal readers, "Summer of Feminista" will be returning. The call fo