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Who owns See Jane?

Have you ever wondered why we don't see more girls as lead characters in children's movies and shows? Have you ever stopped to figure out the ratio of boys and girls as characters period? Well earlier this year, Dads & Daughters , released a study through the See Jane program, about gender and racial disparity in TV shows. In 2006 they released a studies about gender, gender roles for boys, and occupation in G-rated movies. All fabu work! The See Jane program was touted with Geena Davis' name attached on press releases and fund raising efforts. When I first saw all this, I thought two things: WOW! About time! and Go Geena! But today I read a story via the Chronicle of Philanthropy that Geena is now suing for ownership of the See Jane program. It boils down to who came up with the idea. In 2004, Davis allegedly conceived the See Jane program, for which she has since raised $750,000, according to the suit. She actively promoted the program while working with Dads and

Fatherhood in the balance

I have to admit that I scoff at fatherhood initiatives. While the PR people might tell dads to buck up and take time for the kid, his work place tells a different story. Well, except that dads are the great winners in the wage gap war. Anywho, another celebrity became a daddy this week - Tom Brady . The whole world seemed to know that his ex-girlfriend and baby mama was about to give birth. It was reported that Brady asked for some time off to be at the birth (which he missed by minutes) as well as afterwards to be with his child. I cant' find any reports if he's taking paternity leave, but he was back in the game for a pre-season game on Friday. Thus, one of the biggest names in professional sports can't even get a week off to be with his new baby? What kind of message does that send to all the dads & young men watching the game? In a different show of fatherhood responsibilities, Tony Snow , White House spokesman, has quit his $168,000 job because it's not cover

Where are????

A few years ago the big question was where are the women bloggers. And honestly, we still ask that, especially in niche communities and the lack of women A-list bloggers. I just finished listening to a great podcast by Motherhood Uncensored about blogging parents of color. The whole piece is about parents, mostly mothers, of color, where are they, who are they, and why the hell marketers aren't throwing freebies at our feet? Thankfully I've been hooked into a few marketing networks and I feel like I'm getting enough freebies to review, at least as many as I can handle. But seriously, I'm not flooded with requests. Since Blogher I've found many a mommy blog that seem to be nothing but product reviews! Oh, my, goddess, but some bloggers are swimming in free shit. But back to the real topic. When I do think about the other mommy bloggers I read, they are mostly not women of color. Does it matter? I'd say yes. Why? Because I see more and more that race is playin

When the lioness finally rears her head

A recent 'discussion' over homelessness on this site has gripped me like a tick. It won't let go. Not that I'm not reminded of homelessness every day when I pass the McDonald's on Ashland & Fullerton (?) or after work at the expressway ramp. But the homeless population I never see are the families and there's a good reason for that. According to the report, " Family Homelessness in Our Nation: A Problem with a Solution ", by the National Alliance to End Homelessness, families are the hidden homeless population. This is why the city of Chicago's recent ' survey ' of homeless is a load of poopy diapers.Add to that, news from the Sun-Times that the Guv, G-Rod, considers homeless shelters 'pork'. In their report, the National Alliance used Washington, DC, our wonderful nation's capital, as the example, but then also reports state and national data points. Here are some highlights to ponder: 30% of children in the foster care s

Birth Control Ninja

The last week was crazy at my house, but things worked out fine and I was able to meet a friend (who moved to the burbs, traitor) Saturday night for The Second City's Girls' Night Out: Touched Up at the Metropolis in Arlington Heights. First, I love Second City. I rarely see improv if my friend from Brooklyn, who is an improv junkie, isn't in town. Second, I met my friend while we were serving on the board of the Chicago chapter of NOW many moons ago. Thus, you have the expectations set. Funny and Feminist. Yes, we are too both! The audience was 90-95% women, but letmetellya, it was not a man bashing show at all. In fact, I'd say that it was pretty harsh on us gals, so guys, feel free to join your partner at this show. BUT, women, this show was pretty funny and well, the title says "girls night out" and I do believe in following directions. My favorite skits included a marriage therapy session where the wife tells a story, the husband recounts it, and well al

Puke Pile: WIfe Swap Call

A friend received this from ABC TV: [ my comments in brackets ] Hello, My name is D*** G***. I'm a Casting Producer for ABC's Primetime show, "Wife Swap." [ Danger Will Robinson! ] I hope you don't mind me contacting you, but we're gearing up for a fourth season at the moment and we're currently looking for unique families with LOTS of personality and strong family philosophies! Specifically, I'm looking for strong, feminist mothers who are proud to be wearing the pants and ruling their roost. [ I wore a skirt yesterday and I don't quite rule our roost. Most feminists I know have a fairly egalitarian household. It's not quite 50/50, but we're not whipping our men around the place. See, bias already in the call.] Feel free to forward this on to anyone you think would be interested in this unique opportunity! [ No thanks.] In case you are unfamiliar with the show, the premise of Wife Swap is to take two different families and have the mom

WIMN in Chicago

Last night Women & Children First was the site for a house party/discussion for Women In Media & News (WIMN) that I organized. I'm on the board of this fabulous organization for many reasons, some I gave last night: 1. I'm tired of the media telling me that I'm wrong. Wrong size, wrong color, wrong hair, on and on. 2. I'm frustrated that my local TV news is 30 minutes long, minus commercials, down to 25 mins (max), 8 minutes for weather and sports, now we're down to 17 minutes...AND then we waste precious time not on debating Iraq, health care, or global warming, but on the daily hijinks of Hollywood stars. Isn't that why we invented "Entertainment Tonight?" 3. Women reporting the news does make a difference. On that last point, this morning on American Morning on CNN when Kiran Chetry reported on how American moms are breastfeeding more, but not as long as we should. She asked the medical expert this: "I know that when I breastfeed