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Biggest shock of Blogher 2007

...was that out of all the gazillion Presidential candidates only two bothered to send any representation. Elizabeth Edwards (who should be running for something!) gave the closing plenary on Saturday. She was eloquent, sincere, and had a great knack at turning a negative question into a positive one, at least for John. Hillary Clinton sent a representative, whom I've now seen at 2-3 conferences, who spoke at a few sessions including the one that talked about Hillary and how women voters see her. NONE of the GOP candidates came out and especially odd was that my own senator, Barak Obama, was no where to be seen. Dude, you live down the street! So what does this tell me? What should be read from this? That the largest blogger conference happened in Chicago and only two candidates showed. One look at this weekend's YearlyKos speaker list shows at least six Democratic candidates. Considering it's a progressive con, you don't expect the GOP to show up. But Blogher is ev

Summary of my Liveblogging Blogher 2007

Here are the links to all my Blogher 2007 liveblogging posts: Blogher Pre-Party Not liveblogged, but I wanted to include it this summary post. Blogher - Friday morning session Friday - Breakout #1 "Art of Life: Finding and Following Your Passion" Friday - Breakout #2 "Our Bodies, Our Blogs" Friday - Breakout #3 "The Art of Writing Reviews" Friday - Breakout #4 "The State of the Momosphere" Friday - Breakout #4 (part two) "Getting it On(line) for a Cause: Part 2 - Raising Consciousness" Saturday Morning Keynote Saturday - Breakout #5

Closing Plenary - Elizabeth Edwards

She came to Blogher because she does believe that the blogosphere is the new town square. You don't get to see too many people on the street corner expressing their interest. She started online with her kids by doing various things like bidding on sports cards with her son. After Ward died, she joined mailing lists that functioned like blogs. Grief ones were like that. Blogs are an enormous opportunity to meet and discuss issues with people we might never had met. We form natural connections without much thought to gender, race, etc. Elizabeth just noted that "It's like an addiction. You all don't know about that, right?" Good one. We just segwayed into discussion about trolls by citing her recent confrontation with Ann Coulter. She's never had a personal blog/online diary. She admires us for our dedication & focus. She did participate under screen names, but now feels she owes it to everyone to be honest about who she is when online. She does write e

Saturday - Breakout #7

"Patriots Act: How to turn Your Blog into a GOtV Machine" Put voter registration buttons/links on your blog get your local media contacts Get offline and interact with people Should have an email list of people who can help you with an issue. This will help you find a pattern of who knows who. Don't let my lack of blogging mean that this session isn't good. Partly I'm finally feeling tired and partly I'm just pretty amazed by the panel. OK...I'm really tired. A lot of mainstream organizations fear blogging only because they don't see how blogging can turn bodies out into the street (2006 Immigration marches & 2004 March for Women's Lives). Keep in mind that a lot of the political campaigns are run by young people, mostly men, and often child free, so...they don't have a full range of experiences to impact the campaign. Believe in your experience and communicate it to the campaigns. And bring 10 of your friends to make a larger state

Saturday - Breakout #6

"How to write great political coverage: From breaking news to Op-Ed" We're starting out in break out groups to answer: "Is a political blogger the same as a person who blogs about politics?" My group came up with a distinction between the two in the a political blogger is someone who is trying to effect a particular outcome, targeting a segment to sway. Then there are those whose blogging about politics is storytelling. We did note that blogging can become political even when we think we're not writing politically. The woman who noted this mentioned that she usually blogs about jazz and then Katrina happened. She had always lamented why jazz doesn't hold a higher status in our society and came to the conclusion that it was a race issue. She did visit NOLA soon after the disaster to help with clean-up. Two points have bubbled up in the larger conversation: Use primary sources: don't just depend on the AP, WaPo, etc. to tell the facts; read govt re

Saturday - Breakout #5

"Earn Our Votes: " The goal of this session is to come up with 12 questions that Blogherites want answered by candidates, especially Presidential candidates. We are warned that Blogher is a nonpartisan. A GOP advisor (use to work on the McCain campaign) says that if they can get to close to 50% women voters, they win. The gender gap is huge. Thanks to Ellie Smeal for documenting it in the 1980s. Women care about: Iraq, Health care, jobs, immigration, terrorism, and environment in that order in a recent poll. Women btw 18-49 care about health care more than other age groups and immigration is of more concern for men. Iraq: Younger women (YW) and older women (OW) think it's gotten worse. Immigration: Women think it hurts more than it helps BUT it's not a top issue. 47% hurt vs 41% for men. When women talk about immigration they talk about how their children don't get enough attn in school due to spanish speaking children, longer waits at ERs due to people withou

Saturday Morning Keynote

I got here late, so forgive me! I walked into the room with NOW President Kim Gandy* and the first thing I heard was something about sex fetishes. GOOD MORNING! Right now there is a discussion whether or not blogging is elitist. One speaker said it perfectly, it's not elitist in that only upper class discussions occur, but that it is elitist in that there is a digital divide. Now a discussion about literacy itself. I know that some of my blogging friends & I kid about the NSA looking thru our emails and blogs, but one speaker mentioned that in conversations with poor communities could care less, they just want to be online - for job applications, community, and all the fun that we take for granted. Community is a huge theme, especially within the momosphere. I made a parallel yesterday to someone. That our lives are so crazy that we don't have time to chat over fences with neighbors, so we have created online intimate communities. Do we need to change technology to suit

Friday - Breakout #4 (part two)

Now I'm in the session called "Getting it On(line) for a Cause: Part 2 - Raising Consciousness" Women care about community and understand what's going on with other people. There is synergy to be used. Global Health what do we mean by this? safe motherhood UNFPA and the Bush administration refusal to fund it make it clear that when we talk about global health we're talking about women. changing the public debate to include women as members of the world (that one came from Jennifer Pozner of WIMN ) need to keep in mind separation of church & state as our politics here in the USA affects the politics of other countries that take their cue from the USA we have to depoliticize this debate ( is safe motherhood political?!?) increasing education for girls (if you get girls to 2nd grade, her families health increases 40%. People, that's only to second grade!!) 34 Million Friends A "both...and" strategy focus on empowering women to take care of

Friday - Breakout #4

"The State of the Momosphere" And we're off...This session came from mommy bloggers requesting it. There was a lot of discussion afterwards if mommy bloggers mattered. Well course we do and now we're here! What does it mean to identify as a mommy blogger? What makes a mommy blogger? What does it mean now that advertisers want to reach us? Do we change? What do mommy bloggers want? PRIVACY Responses: Finding a shared story; community; finding others who are going thru the same experience (post-partum, etc.) Support and advice community Started as a journal It's unpolitical in that negative interaction, people playing politics, even thou there are shifting nodes, groups, and communities, a social & normal part of the community Much more like a salon or cocktail party It is very much like high school to people who are being left out Is there active exclusion? Is not being on a blogroll an act of exclusion? What do you do when you need to remove someone? Are w

Friday - Breakout #3

"The Art of Writing Reviews" "What makes a review?" Ooohh...this is gonna be good. Engadget is middle ground between a 'professional' review and conversation between friends. Eugenia adds in that she bounces between professional review and not. Her site Literago is unique by reviewing book readings. Claire Zulkey talks about writing reviews on sites like where you get practice. You shouldn't just watch a show and write the facts and add in whether you like it or not. Example: "So You Think You Can Dance" and parallel to other dancing shows, compare to other summer shows, etc. Tips: Make product reviews as general as possible and talk about how it could fit into someone's life or your life. Tips on to summarize movies, shows & books: Keep it down to a few sentences, stay away from plot summaries - they are boring, Claire says it is opposite for TV shows - include spoilers, --> Check out how much a NYTimes reviewer su

Friday - Breakout #2

"Our Bodies, Our Blogs" Chicagoan Wendy McClure talks about the evolution of her website into a blog into a book and how during the course of writing her book, she gained back the 40 pounds she lost. She only recently decided to talk about it. She's reviewing the push-pull feelings behind the Dove campaign. OOH, she doesn't want to be sold the idea that real beauty is real and that we should buy Dove to promote real beauty. OTOH, she also ridiculed men who were grossed out by the Dove campaign because they want to see skinny models. She doesn't get Love Your Body Day?!? I guess when she says she's cynical, she really is. Laurie Toby, a photographer, uses her craft to talk about body image by photographing large women in the nude. She's speaking about how raising daughters raised her awareness of body image in our society - this was 25 years ago! She's been the token skinny woman on a panel of fat women discussing fat and feminism. Since then she'

Friday - Breakout #1

"Art of Life: Finding and Following Your Passion" So far most of the audience questions are from women who seem new to blogging and are trying to find their niche/voice. I think I know my niche. Why am I here then? I'm struggling with my online voice, specifically on how to balance RL and BL. After 7 yeas of blogging you'd think I would have figured it out. Problem is that for 6 of those years I could count all my readers on both my hands. Now I have way more readers than I know what to do with. Part of what I started blogging for is to improve my writing. Not so much the technical parts (spelling/grammar), but the feel of my writing. I need to figure out the next step in all this insanity. A 72yo blogger is speaking right now. She's so kick ass. do you set up your blog as a one show pony or a junk drawer as a punk mama just described her blog? I'm a fan of the junk drawer blog because my mind is not a one track mind. My overarching theme is fem

Blogher - Friday morning session

The Bloghers ACT is now being discussed... In light of the diversity of the bloggers in Blogher, one aspect of the project is to find those key questions that the 2008 candidates need to answer. No matter the answer, we need to know where they stand on various issues. The burning global issue is health. Top 4 issues for the voter manifesto: 1. Health care (57%) 2. Global warming 3. Iraq 4. Homelessness Bloghers ACT spawned a lovechild...Bloghers ACT Canada! The environment wins as their top issue. blogher07

Blogher Pre-Party

Last night's Chicago Moms blog party was awesome. Not only is it great to meet people I meet online, but I got a lot of compliments. And honestly, mujeres, it was what I really needed. One of you said that I make you feel like you write fluff because I go off on political rants and you write about the fun things you do with your kids. Let me say that we need the fluff. The fluff is what I want us to be able to do more of. Flextime, paid leave, real work/life balance is all about being able to do the fluff more. The other Vero & I connected with more than our names. I usually find it quite odd to be in the same room with another Vero, but I felt uber-comfy with you, thanks. And gotta give it up to Yahoo! for sponsoring the party and MASSIVE martinis. Goodness, I wish I didn't have to drive last night. Photos to be posted later. blogher07

Homelessness...It's a Choice!

No, I didn't just lose my mind, but it's the debate going on over at Chicago Parent . Head on over and chime in my dear 2 readers. I promise I'll still love you if you don't take my side. If you bring me coffee with Splenda & lots of cream.

Blogher here I come!

This weekend Blogher 2007 hits Navy Pier and the Chicago Parent blog will be well represented. So far, I know that Meredith from A Mom's Life , Kim from Scrambled CAKE and myself will be there. If you're going, please leave a comment so we know to look for you. If you're too shy to leave a comment, here are the breakout sessionsI plan to attend. I do plan on being at each night's cocktail reception, but who knows for how long. I'm not staying at a conference hotel, but commuting from home: Day One Schedule - Friday, July 27th, 2007 10:45-12:00: Breakout #1 Community: The Life Stages of Online Communities Backup is Art of Life: Finding and Following Your Passion : A Room of Your Own session 1:30-2:45: Breakout #2 I'm not sold on any in this group right now, but I'm leaning towards - Identity: Our Bodies, Our Blogs 2:45-4:00: Breakout #3 Considering my growing work of reviewing I really do need to attend - Art of Life: The Art of Writing Reviews 4:30-5:


Mocha Mom made me do it. Here I am in 10 secs: Name: Veronica Blogs at: Chicago Parent, Chicago Moms Blog, and Viva La Feminista! Labels: feminist, latina, mother, partner, cubs fan, activist, bookworm, scifi-lover I'll be at Blogher 2007, so come and find me! blogme2007

New Category: Puke Pile

The Puke Pile will be for any media item that makes me want to puke. Pretty simple, eh? And what's the first thing that makes me want to puke on this shiny new blog? This post on Blogher : Are you sick of working moms at your office who have flexible schedules and dump the extra workload on their childless co-workers? National talk show looking for outspoken women who are fed up and willing to talk about it. Nice way to feed the monster. I know it's not up to me, but why can't us women have ONE place where we can NOT fight with each other or have posts like this that make us want to fight with each other? What about this call: Are you sick of working 60 hours a week? Have you forgotten what your dog looks like? National talk show looking for women, men, mothers, fathers, anyone who is tired of the way corporate America treats its workers. Now that's a show I'd pay to see.

Do we owe it to each other to work outside the home?

The dreaded "Mommy Wars" usually pits working moms against stay at home moms. It took the genius of Sylvia Ann Hewitt and Linda Hirshman to top it off with a dollop of guilt. Hewitt began the baby panic with her 2002 book castigating us career gals with not having babies before we hit our ancient 30s. My all time favorite response was from Tina Fey during SNL's "Weekend Update" where she says, "And Sylvia's right; I definitely should have had a baby when I was 27, living in Chicago over a biker bar, pulling down a cool $12,000 a year. That would have worked out great," while her posse of Rachel, Amy, and Maya had her back. In the latest volley in this massive guilt-trip, Christine B. Larson , laments how she tried to be a good modern mother and work part-time, only to decide that it wasn't worth it. Linda Hirshman added to this guilt trip that not only are you sacrificing your economic future by staying home (because you don't earn Soc

2007 NOW Conference

Reposted from my old blog: FRIDAY::: 9:30 AM - WOOHOO! I made it! I'm all registered & now working the reg area. "My name is Roni, how may I help you?" 12 PM - Gov Granholm: She is kickass & beautiful. I'm now uberjealous of MI-ites. I'll trade ya Guvs! If only she was born in the states. *sigh* SATURDAY::: 11:45 AM - Chenese Lewis She's a plus-size model who feels each photo shot is a statement. Once @ a 'Insider' segment her & other plus-size women actors were weighed(!) on camera. The scales were RIGGED to add 30 lbs. She wasn't too fazed but the other actors were devistated. She works a non-NOW affiliated 'Love Your Body' project. OMG, I love this woman. 11:00 - Sherry Stringfield Did you know that Sherri AND both her kids (6 & 3) are lifetime members of NOW? She was introduced to NOW when the actor playing her mom on a soap opera took her to a NYC NOW meeting. Sherry also spoke about being a femini


Welcome new readers and those of you who followed me from my former haunt. My name is Veronica and I will be your host at this blog. What will I do here? Whatever I damn please. But mostly I'll blog about feminism, raising a feminist, and books. I love books! But sadly grad school ruined my ability to read without skimming and thus not fully investing myself into a fiction book. That said, I still love fiction.