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WAM! - The Day After: The Good.

I live blogged WAM ! and now it's time for a wrap-up post. The Good: I got to meet some awesome bloggers and writers that I have admired and aspired to be like. Starting at the networking session there was Jen Angel of the dearly departed Clamor, and Miriam of Radical Doula and Feministing. At the Friday night reception I met Allison Stevens of Women's eNews and Echidne of the Snakes . Did I mention EotS likes this blog? haha...sorry, I still can't believe that moment happened. Seriously the best part was the Radical WOC bloggers session where I got to meet BFP and far too many other wonderful WOC. Again, this was a freaking love fest session. I've been struggling all day on how to explain what I felt during this conference. Since I'm in the "good" part of this post, I'll do the good part first. As a Latina who has never felt a real strong connection to the Latina community especially since I don't speak Spanish, I have never felt so wel

Feliz Dia de Cesar Chavez!

I really wish I knew how to make the upside down exclamation mark. Did you know that today is Cesar E. Chavez day? It's an official holiday in eight states (Arizona, California, Colorado, Michigan, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin) according to the Chavez Foundation site . Althou Dolores Huerta is in Chicago to celebrate and Democracy Now! says that Illinois celebrates as well. OK, maybe we celebrate but it's not an official Illinois holiday. Who is this man I'm mumbling about? Cesar Estrada Chavez, Senator Robert F. Kennedy noted, was "one of the heroic figures of our time.." A true American hero, Cesar was a civil rights, Latino, farm worker, and labor leader; a religious and spiritual figure; a community servant and social entrepreneur; a crusader for nonviolent social change; and an environmentalist and consumer advocate. A second-generation American, Cesar was born on March 31, 1927, near his family's farm in Yuma, Arizona. At age 10, his family be

WAM! - Sunday Late Morning Sessions

Again I'm going to go to more than one session. How to Get Heard: The Art of Strategic Communication with Editors Barbara Beckwith, Jeanne Harnois, and Shirley Moskow Don't turn in an assignment without pitching a new story Hang out with writers - It's a lifestyle Never pitch a story with an attachment - It will end up in a spam folder Always turn in things on time Just get out there and do it Don't be afraid to push back Barbara's notes While most people say that you shouldn't work for free, she did start out writing for Sojourner which paid very little ($15) or nothing at all. Her early writing was her experience that she used to be a more professional writer. Don't minimize your experience. You aren't just a college student - You wrote for the Beacon. Meet your editor if you can in person. How to approach an editor - Know that you have value, express a sense of congeniality, don't use their first name until they use yours thou, know that they ne

WAM! - Sunday Morning Sessions

I'm going to be jumping between 3 different sessions this morning, so here are my notes. Strategies for Making Change: Models for Feminist Media Justice Not that I'm biased or anything, but this is the cutest panel of the entire conference. Jennifer Pozner, Anne Elizabeth Moore, Betty Yu, and DeAnne Cuellar Jenn is talking about the POWER Sources Project . This is the oldest feminist project to bring more women's voices to media (newspaper columns, op-eds, sources, talk shows, etc.) by helping journalists connect to expert women in a multitude of areas. Thus removing the excuses of "We'd love to put a woman on the panel, but there aren't any women in [insert field not health care, children's issues, and abortion] OR I just can't find any women in [insert field not health care, children's issues, and abortion]. Everything that WIMN does involves not just women as a monolith, but women as a diverse group (ethnicity, geography, socioeconomic statu

WAM! - FACT-UP Fact Check, Research, & Think Critically like a Radical Librarian

Presented by Radical Reference volunteers Jenna Freedman and Lana Thelen The presentation is online ! WOO! Gotta love it. "This workshop will introduce skills to novice and veteran media makers alike, encouraging them to 'research like a librarian,' providing tips on how to find and recognize appropriate resources for researching and fact checking their stories. The presenters will be happy to adapt this workshop to whomever is in the room, but the impetus for proposing it is sharing skills with those newer to advanced research and critical thinking. However, people who are already confident in their research skills will undoubtedly learn some things, too. The facilitators can field questions on fact checking and research, but also on the mysteries of tagging, RSS feeds and the like." The first thing taught in library school is how to evaluate sources aka check your facts. Make time to fact check Keep track of where you are getting your facts & what you chang

WAM! - We B(e)lo(n)g: Womyn of Color & Online Feminism

I'm sitting next to Liza and she asked just before we started "Is Brownfemipower here?" When she said, "Yes!" I ran to her, but Liza jumped over a table. We embraced BFP in such a large hug. Oh, yes...we set the stage for the love fest. We are beginning with introductions about our wishes. Here is my introduction: I wish that I didn't have to justify my Latinaness just because I don't speak Spanish. I wish that my daughter will not wrestle with this and grow up always surrounded by love. There are a lot of awesome wishes which I won't even attempt to write down here for fear of misstating them. We all wish for better representations, complete histories, I wasn't so tired, that our brothers had a positive view of themselves in media, and many many more. The openness of just our introductions is so heart warming, so honest, so needed. There is a blog that is associated to our wishes! wishes fulfilled . Go, post your wish. We're in a six mi

WAM! Friday recap

Good morning! Yesterday was awesome and I don't feel like I did that much. It's too funny. Speed Networking : I got there late because my flight was canceled and I got on another flight an hour later. I met a lot of awesome women, got some leads, gave some leads, and just had a great time. Reception : More meeting of awesome women, getting some leads, and met another author who is considering blogging. She's coming to my panel (that's in an hour!) on feminist blogging to get some idea if she really should do it. Considering that more and more authors are jumping on this blogging bandwagon, I do hope she does. And of course, I'm more than happy to walk her thru it all. Authors are like drug dealers to me...They have access to books. Oh yeah... The best thing thou was this beautiful woman came up to me and simply said, "I love what you write." and hands me her card. OH MY FUCKING GAWD....It's Echinde of the Snakes! I mean, hello? She likes my stuff?

Tomorrow's the day!

I have a confession...I'm actually a pretty shy person. Oh, sure, I can blog on and on, but that's because I don't have to look at you and when you laugh at my missing word, incorrect use of a comma, or at my entire point, I can't hear it. But when we're face to face, I clam up. Of course, this isn't good for going to conferences, especially ones where you really should network and get to know new people. Hell, I have a growing list of people I need to at least meet and tell them in person how much I love their writing. I am such a fangirl of some bloggers that I know I'll get tongue tied many a time. The thought of getting into WAM! tomorrow around 1 and then leave on Sunday around the same time is mind blowing. Only 48 hours to try to meet some of the most awesome feminist bloggers and writers around? I need 48 hours just to pluck up the courage to say hi. Now my in person friends will tell stories of me walking right up to certain musicians and offering

Should a feminist listen to misogynistic music?

R@d@r asked this about a post from last week: as a songwriter/musician i am very interested in this question of whether a feminist "should" be into certain booty-shaking jams. (i know you were just being flip but this is actually something i think about.) chris rock did a whole routine about it that was pretty interesting as well as funny. my wife, who is a pretty hardcore feminist, really really loves "the seed 2.0" by the roots & cody chestnutt, in fact it is one of her favorite songs - but if you actually listen to the lyrics they're pretty horrible. i know that a lot of people enjoy songs and ignore the lyrics, but as a singer and writer of lyrics this disturbs me (or, perhaps it's just a blow to my ego). it's a phenomenon i find curious. My friends know that this is one of my side issues...meaning that it's a great question, but one that I try to ignore as it reveals so many hypocrisies about myself as well as the movement. And honestly,

The Price of Motherhood

My latest post for Work it, Mom! is up now. It's about discrimination against pregnant women and mothers. It's more of a big question for everyone rather than me spouting some point. Technorati tags: blogging , motherhood , Work it, Mom!

Booger is a Feminist

The Feminist Majority has a new video with a slew of stars, men and women, and some every day people talking about being a feminist. One of the men included is Curtis Armstrong who played Booger in the Revenge of the Nerds movies. Of course this made me chuckle. Sorry, but each time I see Curtis, I think of Booger and his amazing belching skills. I am still in awe. Of course my favorite Latina is in the movie (as is Betty's sister & beloved Daniel). Which is awesome. And as should be expected is a few seconds are spent on how being a feminist makes you good in bed. Oy...can we please move past this? Yes, being in control of your life is empowering everywhere else, but this whole feminist = good sex thing is far too over played. Do new feminist recruits all get a tube of lube and a sex toy? Do young women only care if feminism will make them awesome in bed? Overall it's a great movie and had a great number of men in it. Check it out. Technorati tags: Booger , America Ferrar

WAM is on Twitter

Can't make it to MIT for WAM! ? (I know my editing friends will love that opening line.) WAM! has a Twitter it's called. So if you're into that Twitter thing and want to see what's happening (well when you're not reading my live blogging), visit their profile page and start following . Technorati tags: WAM! , feminism , twitter

Bush's War on PBS

We're only 40 minutes into the PBS Frontline special on " Bush's War " and my heart is broken all over again. The arrogance is sickening. Just sickening. I can't believe that I haven't puked. I'm surprised I'm not crying my eyes out. The arrogance, lies, and that smirk. That fucking smirk. Oh how the press kissed their asses and now they have an arrogance about a wrong war. The media needs to be brought up on war crimes too. Just like Cheney, Rumsfield, Bush, Rice, and the others. Blair and Powell are living their punishment, IMO. They let the others play them, run over them, and they know they were right to focus on Afghanistan. People still talk about Powell with reverence - VP, President...I can never trust that man again. Go teach others how to deal with war mongers. The saddest thing of all? The lies we sold the Afghan people, especially the women and girls. There are many a day when I think I can justify the invasion of Afghanistan, but most I s

Speaking of good authors...

I'm in this month's Bookworm carnival for my two book reviews: Viva la Feminista reviews Wendy Walker’s Four Wives about four housewives from Connecticut and their secrets. In another post she reviews The Baby Lottery by Kathryn Trueblood, a novel about the influence one woman’s abortion has on her circle of long-time friends. But since I know you've already read those reviews, head on over to the Bookworm Carni to read what others are saying about women's literature.

Ode to editors

I just finished looking at my essay for What We Think and wow...some amazing editor took my last minute written essay and whipped into something that actually looks pretty darn good. And yes, I'm holding back because it's something *I* wrote and I don't want to get your expectations up when you do finally read it. ;-) But seriously, as someone who isn't a professional writer in the classic sense, I do have writer envy. Peering down at the fabulous books I gorge on and wonder, "Why can't I write like this?" Reading tight grant proposals and wondering "What's wrong with me?" I usually end up falling back on the very true fact that I don't have a great grasp on grammar and thus, I blow it off. But it's more than that. Now that I have received my edits, I know something else. Writers are not to be envied, it's the editors baby!! I have one for the anthology, I'll have one for the magazine article, and now to find one

Un-Feminist Music Jams

My husband just turned down the NCAA game to put on the radio. A station is playing some freakin' awesome mixes. I started listening during a Brooks & Dunn song that merged into Margaritaville into some booty-shaking music from high school. Just now: - My Humps - Nothing But A Good Time - Keep on Rocking Me Baby - Glamorous Life And in between the actual songs are snippets of other booty-shaking songs that really a feminist shouldn't be shaking her ass to, but I do. Sue me. Now if only I can finish my damn article on women of color in the mommy blogosphere. It's due next week and while it's very short, I'm totally freaking out as I have a lot riding on this baby. Mostly I don't want to disappoint the totally awesome people who will be reading & editing and maybe thinking, "Damn, maybe we don't need this..." Back to work! - You're The One I Want over Snoop Dogg just started...

A serious question about Richardson

Before I hit the road for the weekend... Does Richardson have any influence in the Latin@/Hispanic community outside of his state? So I'm not the most Latin Latina ( apologies to Hijas ), but I have never ever heard another Latin@ say anything good or bad about Richardson, quote him or anything. OK, maybe that time when he was in the Clinton administration and that thing about nuclear secrets & spying . But it still wasn't anything very supportive about the man. That leaves me to ponder, how the hell is he going to deliver all these Latin@ votes for Obama? Now if Jimmy Smits were to come out for Obama...I might think about it. But Richardson? I dunno. Technorati tags: Bill Richardson , latina


A fellow mommy blogger tagged me for this one. Thanks Kim ! Here are the rules: A. Post the rules at the beginning. B. Answer the questions about yourself. C. Tag 5 people and let them know in a comment on their blogs that they have been tagged. Meagan , Sara , Pickel , LawyerMama , PunditMom What Was I Doing 10 Years Ago? Enjoying our post-college years and trying to decide to move to DC or not. Obviously, I didn't. Instead I stayed in Chicago and spent the next 3 summers at Wrigley Field. I'll never have a better tan than during that time period. Snacks I Enjoy: Chocolate, cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, and cinnamon pita chips. Gotta have something semi-healthy! Five Things on my To-Do List Today: 1) Transfer money from my account to our joint account; 2) Email Jenny re: meeting up in Btown next week; 3) Write my column that's due on the 25th! 4) Finish up a mailing for work work; 5) Got out of the office early so we can hit Target for Easter goodies. Things I

New Moms Needs Your Help

Earlier this week a fire destroyed a shelter for new moms. I had heard about the story, but forgot about it. Fortunately Firebelly Design sent a reminder email: This past Tuesday night, (March 18th) an accidental fire caused extensive damage to the New Moms shelter in Humboldt Park. New Moms provides temporary housing and support to young mothers and their children. Thankfully there were no injuries but now 20 young women and their children have nowhere to stay. I *love* Firebelly. They are an awesome design group and they give back to the community. So if you can, please go to the New Moms website and donate via PayPal . Just $25 is what we're asking for to help out these young moms who are now homeless. Technorati tags: New Moms

Love Note From My Husband

Subject: thinking of you Message: “Bartlet: Charlie! Would you pull the first lady out of whatever it is she's doing? Charlie: She's with the women's caucus. Bartlet: Well put on a helmet and pads and get in there.” -President Josiah 'Jed' Bartlet

New Gig @ Work it, Mom!

That's me and Sara (fellow CMBer) at our new blog, Moms on Issues , at Work it, Mom! We just launched today and then Sara & I will take turns blogging each week on issues that relate to working moms. From politics to celebrities, so we'll cover Hillary and Christina! Stop on by and join the conversation. It should be a good time. And please excuse my first post...I've been fighting off a migraine the last couple of days. Ugh...migraines are the bane of my existence. Technorati tags: blogging , motherhood , Work it, Mom!

Wanna see me get my ass kicked?

I commented over at Feministing and brought up the "Full Frontal Feminism" cover...again. Hey, they asked for it! *sigh* I seriously see no difference in getting all huffy about WOC being cropped at the neck and advertising a book that has a cropped white woman's body. And I've already been told that the difference is that it is WOC who are being cropped while the white woman keeps her head. Oh, ok...Maybe I'm thinking too hard. But, I ask you my dear and growing gaggle of readers, what do you think? Of course, if you see no problem with either depiction of women, say that too. It's a valid stance. edited to add: I'm admittedly surprised that the conversation didn't get out of control over my comment. Not that I think I'm some walking target, but I've seen the comment section go out of control before when someone questions F'ing's intentions. So I've very happy that I was able to comment and it pretty much went over everyone

The day Barack Obama broke my heart

My husband is amazed at my recollection of mundane and minute details when I get into a political debate. I am amazed at my repression of moments when my heart is broken. I've written before about when I fell in love with Barack Obama. That late fall day in Federal Plaza when he spoke so eloquently against the Iraq War...oh, he was so eloquent. He sent chills down my spine. That is what teens must had felt during Beatlemania. My screams joined others. I applauded harder than I've ever in my life. Oh, 2002...a lifetime ago. Back when I wasn't a mother, but had one. Fast forward to the summer of 2007...Cook County ( the 2nd largest county in the USA ) is embroiled in a political mess, to say the least. Our county government was up for election in March and just a few weeks before the primary the President fell ill from a stroke. His family told us all that he would be just fine. He'd recover to rule again. He won the very close primary...which, truth be told, I think

Prepping for WAM

And even thou I do plan to take the laptop and do some live-blogging, I figured that I should also attempt to Twitter WAM as well. Also note my new tag just for WAM! :) I guess you need to be a follower of mine to see my updates . As my current status says, I'm still not convinced that this new uber-popularity contest tool will be important, but hey, maybe I'll just use it for times like conferences where people are always saying something awesome. Technorati tags: Twitter , WAM , Women, Action & the Media

Sometimes there is no escape from an abuser

I have to admit that each time I hear a story of a woman who leaves her boyfriend/husband and ends up dead a part of me dies too. I became tired of this story many years ago. My heart is dead to the stories in that I no longer cry and scream when I hear about it. The rage is quiet inside me. The latest story to grab local headlines is the story of Cindy Bischof. The Chicago Tribune has a great story about how she did everything right. I've heard all the lectures about what to do when you leave a relationship and what to do when he freaks out and starts threatening you. Bischof appears to have heard it all and did it. And she still fucking ended up dead! Cindy Bischof thought her breakup with a longtime boyfriend would go smoothly after he agreed to move out of her house. But Michael Giroux quickly turned hostile, writing up a plan to destroy her home and following through with it. Terrified after Giroux, 60, spray-painted every wall and piece of furniture in her Arlingto

An Open Letter to Western Feminists

In the on-going constructive criticism of Western feminists, Religion Dispatches offers up a fabulous call to action from Palestinian, Arab and Muslim women: While some progressive U.S. feminists claim to oppose the hijacking of women’s rights to justify U.S. invasions, they simultaneously evade any mention about the plight of women in Palestine, Iraq, or Afghanistan. Their statements continue to focus only on female genital mutilation or dowry deaths under the guise of breaking the “politically correct” silence on abuses of women in the “Muslim world” that the Right disingenuously laments. Some progressives may support such statements with good intentions, but these critiques ignore the fact that Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim feminists have been working on these issues for generations, focusing on the intersections of gender, sexuality, race, class, and nationalism. Their work is ignored by North American feminists who claim to advocate for a “global sisterhood” but are disill

Hijas Americanas - A real self-help book

I can't believe how long I've been reading Hijas Americanas . But to be easy on myself, I did read 1-2 other books while reading this and submitted two grant applications. *shrug* This isn't my official book review, but merely my brain fart since I just finished the book today. The conclusion made me realize how much this book is a self-help book for Latinas. For all of us who have and continue to struggle with what it means to be Latina and how many of us don't live up to that standard we hold. There weren't any exercises to do or journals to keep. Just stories of a rainbow of Latinas, personal anecdotes from the author, and some stats thrown in for fun. I've reviewed a few self-help books over the past few years and while I think the essence of them were good and worthy, the exercises were always what made the book fall flat to me. This book could had been written as a self-help book with exercises at the end of each chapter...instead, I think Rosie Molinary

More thoughts on Ferraro

My March article at Work it, Mom! is up and it is about Geraldine Ferraro. Please jump over, read, and of course comment. There is a harsh reality to affirmative action and diversity initiatives: They sometimes make people of color and women uncomfortable. While many of us support affirmative action, it really is a double-edged sword. This sword was in full view in the recent comments of Geraldine Ferraro . Well known as the first woman to run on a major party's Presidential ticket, she has also frequently and honestly said that she knows she was picked for the vice-president spot mostly because she is a woman. That doesn't mean that she wasn't qualified to be VP, but the Democratic party and Walter Mondale looked around and decided (most likely due to a poll) that they needed a woman for the ticket. The backlash against affirmative action is such that knowing you are chosen "just because" you are a woman or a person of color can be debilitating. You start to th

Ferraro & Affirmative Action

Warning...this isn't going to be a well edited piece, so I hope you stay with me. What Geraldine Ferraro said about Barack Obama is correct and insulting all at the same time. I am more insulted than anything. I'm sure this debate is happening at many other blogs and while I usually like to highlight non-A-listers, I'm going to point to the comments at Feministing . So why am I insulted? Because her comment that Obama is lucky to be a black man in this race sounds like the times I have heard comments directed at me and others that the only reason "you got into college/ that scholarship/ this job/ that promotion" was because they needed a woman or Latina in it. The scholarship I went to college on was directed at Black and Latin@ students. But we had to have a certain ACT score to qualify and had to continue to have a good GPA while at school. Thus, I feel like I earned my scholarship. I had other scholarship offers at other schools - one from a Michigan school

Upcoming Events in Chicago

I've been getting a lot of hits from my first post on upcoming events, so I'll continue to post events to the blog. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to integrate a calendar to the sidebar. Any suggestions are welcome! 1] Church-State Separation Event WHAT: “Everything You Always Wanted to Know about the Separation of Church and State … but Were Afraid to Ask!,” historic, 25 city, nationwide movie theater simulcast event featuring celebrities and community leaders to focus need for Church-State separation in 2008 elections. WHEN: Wednesday evening, March 26, 2008 5:00 PM Central Time In movie theatres in 25 cities across the nation (Woodridge, Illinois is one!), interested citizens will gather to learn about the threats to church-state separation and to demand that candidates for elected office answer questions about key issues dealing with individual freedom. Ten questions to ask candidates that have a direct impact on Americans’ lives will be fe

If I'm run over by a bicyclist, you know why

Chicago is a bicyclers' city. We have miles of bike paths and our mayor is an avid cyclist. He also has an idea of making Chicago like Paris with bikes for rent all over the place. I like that idea. I live on the far north side of the city and work close to the Loop. I also need to drop off the kid each morning and I'm not doing that in a bike every day in the morning and evening. But I would love to have access to a bike to get around my work neighborhood without having to bring my home bike into the office. BUT... The latest idea from the City Council is to crack down on drivers . Why? Because bicyclists have been killed and hurt by reckless cars. OK? I can get down with that. But the increase in wanting to protect riders comes after a rider went through a RED light and a SUV struck him and killed him. Apparently driving on a green is bad in the bicyclist world. Seriously, I saw bicyclists on TV say something like "You can't always believe everyone will obey the la

Ms. Magazine investigates the attack on affirmative action

I've often joked that I'm in the wrong line of work. As an educated Latina from a working poor background who intellectually "gets" her oppositions stances, I really should have sold out years ago to become a right-wing pundit. In the legacy of Phyllis Schafly and every Latina who speaks in favor of the Minute Men (we have one in the Chicago area), I would be a star and I assume fairly rich by now. The current issue of Ms. Magazine profiles the identity sell-out we should all be educated on - Ward Connerly . Who is Ward Connerly? If you don't know his name, you know his work. He ended affirmative action in California, Washington, and most recently Michigan. He did it with a smile, lies, damn lies. Wrapped in the blanket of equal rights, he peddles voter initiatives across the country, from state to state, like a Johnny Appleseed planting scapegoats as he goes. A successful African-American man, Connerly began his crusade to end affirmative action with the backing

The thing about mommy blogging...

is that after you get to know other mommy bloggers, you are bound to find someone who has experienced more of motherhood than you have. Who can talk you down from that ledge when you think you have proof that you're the worst mom in the world. Who can honestly say, "I don't blame you." I still think us mommy bloggers are fighting for a good reputation. But honestly some days, we're no different than other "support" blogs out there (cancer, diabetes, divorce, etc.). I'll write more when I have time and energy. Until then, you know who you are. Thanks. Technorati tags: mommy bloggers

National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers

Every year on March 10, reproductive justice advocates say a simple thank you to abortion providers. Here is my list of thank yous for all of them. Thank you... For making choice possible For helping women take control of their lives For providing health care For teaching others For helping women take their lives back For saving women's lives You can say thank you with a simple phone call, drop your local clinic or health center an email, send them flowers, or just say thank you the next time you go see your OB/GYN. You do know if your doctor performs abortions, right? You can also sign this petition supporting providers . The National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers was initiated in 1996 and co-sponsored by many national organizations and individuals, as a way to help stop the isolation and create a positive climate for abortion providers across the country. March 10th is the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. David Gunn, the first provider murdered b

A Clinton supporter & an Obama supporter walk into a bar...

This Democratic primary has given the nation a chance to focus on a few issues and drill down to see what is really at the heart of them. Is it the two wars we are fighting? No. Is it paid family leave? No. It is whether or not Obama is black enough, if Latin@s would vote for a black man, if Millennials would vote for a motherly figure, and front row seats to the feminist cat fight . I believe that the media is focusing on the feminist infighting as yet another way to put a nail in the feminist coffin. I'm starting to think that feminism is like Dracula. You slay it, bury it, and it still keeps on ticking! Now that we are in March and our candidate is not picked AND the Clinton campaign is turning ugly, we are seeing more and more discussion about women's role in this race. Young feminist of the moment, Jessica Valent i writes at The Nation that we shouldn't ignore this intergenerational infighting: No matter what Clinton's fate, feminist election tensions will s

Happy International Women's Day!

And to celebrate, I shall blog about boys & men. This is a phenomenal time to be a feminist, it really is. So much of what we have fought for in the last 150 years is finally blooming. No matter which candidate you stand behind, you have to stop and smile at how feminism has made it happen . The Council on Contemporary Families released a briefing paper a few days ago with an update on how men are faring in relation to their daily chores. While we are not at parity, they are doing a larger share than ever before (althou, I might suspect that when families were on farms, things were pretty 50/50). Thank you feminism. Hidden in the chore pieces is this tidbit: The most dramatic increase in men's contributions has been to child care. Between 1965 and 2003, men tripled the amount of time they spent in child care (Bianchi, Robinson and Milkie 2005; Fisher et al 2006). Fathers in two-parent households now spend more time with co-resident children than at any time since large-scal

Women's History Month

I'm a bad feminist, especially considering that I hold two minors in women's studies, for not having blogged about Women's History Month yet. Let's just say that the first week of March has been so full of work related work that I can't believe that today is the 6th. I was also at a professional development conference all day today and a mentoring program dinner tonight and I'm pooped! So forgive me my readers...and now that I have this baby on Feedburner, I know I really do have some readers now. Well at least on peep's RSS readers...Tonight I am sending you off to read what the fabu women of Womenstake have to say about Women's History Month. I promise, I'll write my own ode to this estrogen filled month soon. Well at least before April. The Women Who Came Before Us by the National Women’s Law Center Staff March is Women’s History Month. To celebrate, the staff here at the National Women’s Law Center have been thinking about a few of the women