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Event:: Chicago Foundation for Women Annual Luncheon

OK, the CFW luncheon is $150 a ticket , but it's an awesome event. If you can afford it or talk your boss into sending you (thank you bosses past & present!) then go. This year should be quite an event: As Chicago Foundation for Women’s centerpiece event, the Annual Luncheon and Symposium draws more than 2,000 people each year. This year the Foundation is excited to welcome Denyce Graves, renowned mezzo-soprano and star of the opera Margaret Garner to its 23rd celebration of women and girls. For more information on our celebrated guest, click here to read a bio of Denyce Graves (PDF). At the very least attend the morning symposium which is always educational in every feminista way possible! This year’s symposium is The Art of Social Justice: How Creativity Complements Advocacy. The free morning program from 9-11 a.m. features experts and artists as well as a performance by Chicago’s all-Latina theater group Teatro Luna. Visit the Symposium page for more information and

CFP: 33rd Wisconsin Women's Studies and 4th LGBTQ Conferences 2009

NWSA Great Lakes regional members: Wisconsin would be happy to have you! Please share with anyone you think might be interested! CALL FOR CONFERENCE PRESENTERS for the joint *33rd Wisconsin Women's Studies and 4th LGBTQ Conferences 2009.* The Theme will be: * Collaboration, Co-operation, & Co-optation in the Academy * * In Women's Studies, Gender Studies and LGBTQ * * Research, Scholarship, Teaching, and Activism * * April 3-4, 2009* * Pyle Center, UW-Madison * *Submit proposals by October 20, 2008 here:* * *

Christina Applegate on Oprah

We should had known that Christina would end up on Oprah to talk about how she kicked breast cancer's ass and the decision to have a double mastectomy. Well she's on TODAY ! Also on the show will be Nancy Brinker, who brought breast cancer to the forefront after founding the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and subsequently the 5K Race for the Cure. To date, the foundation has raised over $11 billion for the cause! Other breast cancer survivors will also share their stories in a show which encourages women to be their own advocates for their health. While we all applaud the work that Nancy has done, especially making it cool to care about breast cancer, I must also point you to the Think Before You Pink project from the Breast Cancer Action campaign. Just as we can't buy our way out of this economic crisis, I don't think we can buy our way to the cure for cancer. Don't spend $10 on a gizmo you don't need that will send $1 to Komen. Instead send $5 to Komen...they

Work it, Mom! Monday & other stuff

Today I'm asking for you & the members of the Work it, Mom! community to weigh in on the bail out. Also, don't forget to check out my AWEARNESS blog posts from the last week: First Endorsements Going from Zero to Green in 2009 Gender Safe Schools And lastly...the winner of the 8-pack of Latin@ authors ? *drumroll* #4! And's bfp! Once a skeptic of giveaways, she's now a two-time winner at VLF. She's gonna have to cut a commercial for me now so I can get an uptick in readers. ;-) Congrats mujerista!! I used the research randomizer form before I even peeked at who commented & in what order. One last thing...a friend is doing the JDRF walk in Mississippi , if you can please support her.

Free Health Advocacy Training

I'm sitting in a cafe in NYC, it's raining, and my inboxes are overwhelmed...thus another episode of "in lieu of real blogging..." From: Health and Medicine Policy Research Group As we approach the time for 2009 Cook County budget We must prepare ourselves to advocate for a strong health system. Join us for this free advocacy training ADVOCACY TRAINING in support of a Strong Cook County Public Health System Veterans Day Tues., Nov. 11, 2008 9 am – 12:30 pm UIC School of Public Health, Gymnasium 1603 W. Taylor St., Chicago, IL Enhance your knowledge and skills as a champion for health care in Cook County Training will include: • Analysis of the Cook County Bureau of Health (CCBHS) Budget and state of the Bureau’s current services • Understanding the new Governing Board: role, structure, and future • Lessons learned from around the country • Setting priorities for our County Health System • How to Write Effective Letters to the Editor This workshop is free, b

Carnival of Feminists #65

The Carnival of Feminists #65 is up! And who makes up HALF of the Palin coverage? Moi. Sarah Palin Gets Her Own Section Sarah Palin is good for feminism! No, wait, she'll destroy everything we've fought for ! But whatever happens, at least she provides a good opportunity to talk about reproductive justice . Mad Kane managed to sneak a peek into Sarah Palin's super-secret Barracuda diary to see what she thinks of all this: Oops! Lieberman just sneaked up on me and started yelling about my diary -- he says my calling him "Joe the Jew" is anti-semitic. His point? Anyway, that just proves he's jealous. He's been kissing Johnny-boy's butt forever and he came thisclose to the Veep pay-off. And then I stole his ball ... actually, both of them. Lots of good stuff in there, so grab a cuppa something and kick back. Or if you're like me, hunch over that keyboard.

What to Buy Wednesday – Baby monitors

Yup, those baby monitors are a must have. I don't think it matters if you get sound only or video, just get one. As much as your logical mind might think you don't need one, once that baby is home, you will find that you have a monitor growing from your hand. I didn't watch "Friends" religiously but I recall that after Rachel had her baby that people were critical that after a few episodes the baby disappeared. Instead Rachel just walked around with a baby monitor in hand. I can only assume that Rachel's baby was a wonderful baby who actually slept without someone holding her. Unlike my daughter. But seriously, you want that monitor in hand once you put the baby down so you can relax a bit, do the dishes, or watch "Project Runway" without straining to hear the rustle of the baby. Plus if you're like most young parents if you DON'T hear anything you run to the room to check on the lil one. I live in a multi-unit building, so I actually ende

CFA: Encyclopedia of Motherhood

I signed up for 4 articles....yeah, I know. Dear ARM Members and Friends, We are inviting academic editorial contributors to the Encyclopedia of Motherhood, a new 3-volume reference to be published in 2009 by Sage Publications. This comprehensive work will be marketed and sold to college, public, and academic libraries and includes some 750 articles, covering all aspects of a social science perspective on motherhood, including psychology, gender studies, sociology, education, human development, history, and other fields. We are now making assignments with a deadline of January 15, 2009. Each article, ranging from 600 to 4,000 words, is signed by the contributor. The General Editor for the encyclopedia is Andrea O’Reilly, Ph.D., York University, who will review all the articles for editorial content and academic consistency. If you are interested in contributing to the encyclopedia, it can be a notable publication addition to your CV/resume and broaden your publishing credits. Pay

Viva Latina blogging!

I found two new Latina blogs thanks to the Alltop - Top Chicano News page . OK, maybe they are Chicana blogs...Wanna know something funny? When I was a kid I thought Chicano meant that you were Latino and from Chicago. It makes more sense in this world of Bennifer & Brangelina. Feminist Mexicana Y Que! has a ton of poetry. THE FEM TEAM is just starting back up after the author decided to put the LSAT on the back burner. She wants to be an immigration lawyer, so click on her Google ads so she can take a prep class and start to kick legal ass. VIVA!! *** Don't forget to enter to win 8 books by Latino authors ***

Work it, Mom! Monday

Whoooooo...wee! Is it a Work it, Mom day! I am pooped and see no rest for this wicked mama. First up, my post today at Work it, Mom addresses some of the confusion that people have about the NOW PAC endorsement of Obama/Biden. It's a bit revealing on the inner workings of NOW, one of the most crazy and passionate organizations I could ever be involved with. Last night one of my aunts got married & I spent some overdue time with aunts & uncles who live in the burbs. The problem with my dad's side of the family is that when we all left our suburb, I went east to Chicago and they went west to the hinterland suburbs. So it's rare for any of us to really be in each other's neighborhood without a major event happening. Since my dad's sister got married he came into town and took the kid off our hands. I was able to have dinner with Cinnamon and Lauren. I also coined a new term - Poiserati - for those of us gals with Poise bags. Yet somehow we failed to take a

Hispanic Heritage Month Book GIVEAWAY

Thanks to Hachette Books, Viva la Feminista is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with big ol' book giveaway! While la Feminista is all about being a Latina, let's go with the flow as it looks as if there are some good books in this bunch: To enter, leave a comment with: 1) Your name/what you want me to call you 2) Your email (if it is on your Blogger profile, that's fine) 3) Your (choose one) ******opinion about Hispanic Heritage Month or ******favorite book by a Latin@ author or ******favorite Latin@ in history I'll pick a winner at random and you get ALL EIGHT BOOKS! Deadline is Sunday, September 27, 2008.

Save the date - October 1st is official bitch day!

On October 1, 2008 , for the first time ever women of all ages and backgrounds have the opportunity to let it all out and let their true feelings heard. Fabulously40 will allow you to gain freedom and liberation, by bitching about everything and anything, in a safe, protected environment. The day will be full of bitching events. Win prizes, meet women, and most importantly- LET IT ALL OUT! I've been told that this is not just for those of you wiser women over 40, but for any of us mujeres who have a thing or twenty to get off our chests. As you might expect it is a social network site, but it's not like we all don't have a million already right? haha...all these SNS's remind me that a decade ago I was addicted to newsgroups. alt dot whatever...Aw, memories.

Latinas in the news

* Lynda Carter does not think that Sarah Palin is a wonder woman , " She's the anti-Wonder Woman. She's judgmental and dictatorial, telling people how they've got to live their lives. And a superior religious self-righteousness … that's just not what Wonder Woman is about. " Thanks to Broadsheet for the quote. Too bad that Lynda does like McCain thou. Can't she take that lasso of truth to McCain over those lying ads? * There is only ONE Latina running as a challenger for a US House seat and she was a recent guest voz at Latina Lista : Latinas have come so far both as businesswoman and community leaders, but we have much more work to do. As we progress successfully through the business and finance worlds, we must make similar progress in the political world. Our voices and our experiences must be represented in Cong

Book Review – National Security Mom

Following the terrorist attacks in 2001 a new voting bloc was identified and it wasn't all that empowering – the security mom. She was scared, living in the suburbs and worried that her family was in danger from radical Muslims. She was scared and would vote for the macho candidates who would protect her family. Sarah Palin stormed onto the national political stage a few weeks ago as the ultimate security mom; a mom who could hunt down a terrorist with her own gun. She stood beside a war hero and told the women of this country that in order to be safe we should trust her. Now Gina M. Bennett introduces us to a different type of mom in National Security Mom: Why "Going Soft" Will Make America Strong . Bennett has logged over twenty years as terrorism analyst and fifteen years as a mother. She has the moxie of Palin but the experience of Jack Ryan. As suggested by the subtitle of her book, Bennett takes the wimpy framing of security mom and turns it on its head. Not b

Site Review – Field Report

From the FAQ: FieldReport is a web site —a content ranking system and publishing model driven by the Web's richest writing contest. The contest is based on personal true-life stories called FieldReports—reports from the field of your life. FieldReport's contest motivates members to submit polished work and to spend time reviewing other work on the site, while a patent-pending blind review process pushes the best submissions quickly to the top, where they can win substantial cash prizes. FieldReport is reality entertainment and the start of a new marketplace for written content on the Web. After field testing Field Report I have to give it a thumbs up with a big asterisk. I think that it's a great social networky site for creative writers, but I'm not a creative writer. While all the field reports are supposed to be true life stories, thus giving you tons of short memoirs to comb through, the writing style is akin to fiction writing. The better writers (and warning the

Contribute to Claire Mysko's new book

Claire is the genius behind " You're Amazing! " and along with her 5 Resolutions partner, Magali, is writing a new book on body image and pregnancy. So she needs all you mamas and pregger women to fill out a survey: It's no secret that we are pretty frustrated with all the appearance-related pressures facing pregnant women and new moms. Our book will explore those pressures, dispel some myths, and provide practical advice to help women cope with all the "lose the baby weight" messages without losing their minds. And that's where you come in. We're calling on our network of readers, friends, and colleagues to share your experiences and opinions. Would you take a few minutes and fill out one of our surveys? Please add your comments within the surveys if our questions don't get to everything you want say on the topic! Take this survey if you are a woman who does not have children yet or you do not plan to have children Take this survey if y

EVENT:: The Voting Woman

I'll be in New York City on the 25th, but if you're in Chicago, please attend this event. It should be great!! I can't believe I'm missing it. The Voting Woman: Women's Issues and the 2008 Election Thursday, September 25, 2008 Panel Discussion at 6 PM Networking Reception at 8 PM Light refreshments will be served 525 S. State Street Lake Room at University Center Roosevelt University Sponsored By The Younger Women's Task Force-Chicago Chapter The American Association of University Women Chicago Foundation for Women International Visitors Center of Chicago Illinois Maternal and Child Health Coalition Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law Between Friends Planned Parenthood Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women's Network Chicago Women in Philanthropy Rape Victim Advocates Radio Arte Roosevelt University Office of Institutional Advancement

What to Buy Wednesday – Robe

I know what you're thinking, the robe is for the hospital. Well, yes, it is. If all goes well and a woman gives birth vaginally, she might only be in the hospital 2 nights. I rushed things (surprise!) and only spent one night. So having a nice robe is good to have when shuffling around the maternity ward and greeting loved ones. BUT...once you get home you're gonna be spending a lot of time in that robe too. For one, the first week or two you might not get out of your robe until lunchtime. And even after you get into a routine, you still might want to stay in your robe...Yes, after the kid arrives, you might find that comfy desire to stay in your robe, drink your tea or coffee, and enjoy those precious few minutes before everyone else wakes up. Because you'll be spending some time in your robe, I suggest you get two. At least. And seriously, what is better than a nice warm fluffy robe straight from the dryer? Technorati tags: What to Buy Wednesday , motherhood , parenth


It's that simple people. I want to see that dachshund become the longest dog in the world! I'm dubbing her Annie after our own doxie. How can you help? If you aren't a subscriber, sign up now. When you subscribe, Bitch gets your money NOW not months from now after the bookstore takes their cut. Plus you save money when you subscribe. If you are a subscriber, why not become a sustainer ? Give on a monthly basis! That's what I do. If you are both or can't afford to do either, then just give. Skip your soy white chocolate mocha for today and send that $5 to Bitch. Join the Save Bitch Magazine group on Facebook and invite your friends! AND SPREAD THE WORD!!!! Read Bitch's plea for help on their blog .

DHHS comment deadline approaching!!

Instead of trying to rewrite this, I'll paste an email I received from a friend: As most of you already know, on August 21st the Department of Health and Human Services released proposed regulations that could seriously undermine womens' access to reproductive health services, including birth control and abortion. The ACLU's Reproductive Freedom Project posted about it on the ACLU blog and Daily Kos, and sent out a web button to put on your sites (below) that sends readers' responses to HHS during the 30-day comment period that will be ending on September 25th. So far, a partial list of blogs and online news sites posting the ACLU button and/or Action Alert includes BitchPhD , Daily Kos (several diaries), Digby , Feministing , Pandagon , RH Reality Check , and Shakesville . And barely halfway through the comment period, over 34,000 readers have contacted HHS through the ACLU button/Action Alert alone. Please keep it up. Post on these regs and/or put up the ACLU

This and that...

OMFG I am drowning in things to blog about, yet I still have writers block. That's me. Instead of trying to sort thru it all, I present you with a list of things to read and do: American Express is giving away money to non-profits, but they need your vote. Women for Women International’s (W4WI) Help Women and Children Survivors of War Rebuild project is now in the running to receive part of $2.5 million in grants . The Winning Project will receive $1.5 Million in funding, the 2nd Place Project: $500,000; the 3rd Place Project: $300,000; and the remaining two Finalist Projects will receive $100,000 each. Michelle Goldberg attended the Women Against Sarah Palin demonstration. Read all about it! I created a calendar for this blog. I was trying to blog upcoming events, but that fell by the wayside...instead I present to you my picks for feminist events in Chicago that you should be attending. Yeah, most of them I'll be at or have a hand in promoting, but still, you should b

Work it, Mom! Monday

This week's post at Work it, Mom ponders whether or not the treatment Sarah Palin is getting from the media and her critics will deter other women, especially moms, from running for elected office. I mention in my post that this week I will be reviewing " National Security Mom " here...hopefully on Tuesday. I'm also a new member of AWEARNESS: The Kenneth Cole blog and will be posting there a few times a week. Busy, busy, busy!!! Hope you have a great week!

Pop Culture Debate Club

Why can't Bitch move to Chicago?? I was flipping thru their Flickr site and saw these photos from Pop Culture Debate Club: Of course if I had the time & energy I'd try to replicate it here. But I don't, so I shall merely be envious from afar. I wonder if they would tackle my favorite pop culture question: Is Xtina a feminist icon? Discuss...

The women of South Dakota need you!!

In lieu of actually blogging, an email from a longtime email friend: September 10, 2008 - 2 weeks to early voting! Dear friends of Women Run ! SD , Today proponents of the abortion ban on the South Dakota ballot announced a thinly veiled plan to enlist all 1,600 churches across the state in Get Out the Vote efforts to support the ban, Measure 11. The far-right Alliance Defense Fund is prepared to back any church challenged by the IRS for political campaigning, just as ADF provided the support for the 2005 total abortion ban bill and 2006 ballot measure (defeated). We've been meeting their enormous political and rhetorical challenges for some time now in this small, rural state with few resources save for each other and the good help of people like you who are alarmed at the threats against choice and progress for women. The challenges are deep but so are our commitments. Will you help us meet them ? Women Run ! SD P.O. Box 2983 Mpls., MN 5

How Sarah Palin will push reproductive justice to the next level

I've been mulling over Sarah Palin's decision to jump on a flight back to Alaska despite leaking amniotic fluid...Was it a sign of a a crazed woman? A dumb move endangering her baby? Denial of impending labor? Whatever it really was, it clearly was A CHOICE. I've also been around the feminist movement to witness part of the evolution of reproductive health to reproductive rights to reproductive justice. That last leg is still in a process in motion thou. There is a lot of criticism out in the world that feminists are too focused on Roe and abortion. I think that it is very true and not. It's not true because for every Roe-focused feminist I know, there's at least 2 feminists focused on something else. It's true because Roe and abortion are what grabs headlines. It's amazing that in this Presidential campaign pay equity may actually be *the* feminist issue. But instead of us feminists looking out at the candidates, let's use the candidates to look bac

What to Buy Wednesday – Toys

Have you ever heard someone say that kids have more fun with the box than with the toy that came inside? It's true. I don't mean for you to get your newborn nothing but boxes, but just a warning that you don't need to buy a zillion toys. See I use to collect stuffed animals. It started out with a few things, then Poohbears, and then carnival winnings. Thus I had a huge collection of stuffed animals when my daughter was born so she didn't need too many additional ones...but she still got them. While she does play with some of her toys, stuffed animals, and board games, I wouldn't even say half...ok, maybe half if we took my stuffed animals out of the picture. Her room is full of toys that she doesn't play with and I honestly don't have the strength to toss most of them...even Happy Meal toys. So take it from me and go easy on the toys. Not only do I not believe that any toy on the market is going to make your kid get into Harvard, but the money you save o

Talking Points

Part of the Progressive Women's Voices training is teaching us to get our talking points down. And for those of you who haven't had to do this with trained professionals, let me tell you it is exhausting. There was a chance for me to be on a national radio show but the staff wanted to make sure I was ready and had talking points. So I spent 15 minutes on talking points for the topic, called them back, and the staff person immediately said, "Too long." We then spent 30 minutes going thru each of my three talking points making each one shorter and more to the point. My problem is that I feel like I have a good story to tell for somethings, but stories just don't always fit into a talking point. Sometimes they do, but today most of mine didn't. I got off the phone to rewrite my points and wait to hear if the show wanted me or another PWV'er who had also volunteered. Well the slot itself closed up, but they were interested in me. This is good and bad...Goo

Today's blog was brought to you by the letter O (Oprah & the Olympics)

Are you finally recovered from the Olympics? Are you wishing that they were every weekend? Fear not my Olympic obsessed friends...Oprah is here for you! Today is the Big O's season premiere and if you haven't heard, it features over 175 Olympians . I'll have to watch carefully to see if any of them say something about "I'm great at this, but I really struggle/work hard..." something that I can feed to the 5yo about working hard at things you are already great at in order to reach that next level. The kid is lucky. She's naturally gifted at both academics and athletics. Which also means that in both areas of her life she gets super frustrated over hitting walls on that learning curve. Sounding out words too hard? Make it up! The soccer ball way down the field? Let someone else run their butt off to stop a goal! *sigh* Part of what makes this sooo damn hard to deal with is that I see so much of her daddy & me in her. The whole "gotta quit be

Work it, Mom! Monday

Yes, even I am a pit Palin'd out, so this week my post at Work it, Mom! is about my burial plan. No, I don't give it all away, but I do want to chat about green burials. As for the weekend, it was pretty relaxing meaning that I didn't get half of what I wanted done. There are at least 2 articles that are just lingering...thankfully one isn't time sensitive. The other will be tackled today! My daughter had her first soccer game on Sunday for the fall. She's have some issues with soccer...fodder for another post...but she did good. The only tragedy of the weekend is that our doxie ate my Dell power adapter cord. WHILE I WAS USING IT! She's fine, don't worry...except that she's one more step closer to finding herself back in her foster home. She's just been totally freakin' lately. But I've ordered a new one and hopefully I'll have it in my grubby hands Tuesday.

Our first week of kindergarten

A welcome note to any of my daughter's classmates parents who have found this blog. First, rest assure that I won't be blogging gossip here or anything I think is inappropriate for a blog so darn public. If you're the teacher, I will always bring my concerns to you before I ever write about it here. That said, back to our regularly scheduled blog... Ah, Friday of the first week of kindergarten. I think we are all exhausted from this week. My daughter especially so. So how is she doing? She took to kindergarten like a fish to least from my perspective. Tuesday was insane. Almost every kindergartener had at least two adults with them in the lunchroom. I think we caught a few kids who also brought grandparents...very cute. Our daughter sat at the table looking a bit stunned, yet eager. We all walked over to her classroom once the teacher showed up at 9. The room was a nice size, cubbies for their coats, and the big tables were all set with their first coloring p

Hockey Mom vs. Soccer Mom

I was thinking about how Palin keeps touting her experience as a hockey mom, that I'm a full fledged soccer mom now (practice was yesterday!) then I was inspired by Mamita Mala's post about privilege , I thought that I'd price out the starting cost for this executive experience: All prices are from Sports Authority . Please leave a comment if you think I forgot a piece of equipment. I left out things that might be under uniform (t-shirt, jersey, etc.) and I priced things out as cheap as possible on both sides. Hockey Equipment Cost Soccer Equipment Cost Easton Synergy SY50 Senior Ice Hockey Skate 49.99 Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball 9.99 Nike Bauer Supreme 30 Senior Ice Hockey Shoulder Pads 59.99 Pro Feet Mens Acrylic All-Sport Team Sock - Minimum 2 Pairs Per Order 2.99 Nike Bauer Supreme 30 Senior Ice Hockey Elbow Pads 39.99 Lotto Stadio Azzurri Team FG 2T Soccer Cleat Mens 44.99 Nike Bauer Supreme 30 Senior Ice Hockey Shin Guards 24.97 adidas Predator Lite Shin Gua

Palin reminds me of why I hated high school

I'm not saying that high school is the only place where Mean Girls live, but you can't help but be transported back to that time when you're minding your own business and someone with a smile walks up to you and rips you a new one. I'm not shy to say that there are plenty of people I met in high school who still make my skin crawl and I'm sure I do the same to others. My response to being looked down on, mocked, and teased is to hit back harder. I'm not proud of it today, but it was my survival skill. Yet I'm still left to wonder that if a pit bull like Palin can wow the GOP, why in the world do they still think that Hillary & Pelosi are so shrill & mean? Could it be that they really react to their politics and would rather attack their appearance and voice? I'll admit that at times last night I reacted poorly to Palin's accent, but that was just because I was over my bullshit limit from the words coming from her mouth. It scares me that sh

What to Buy Wednesday – The Diaper Bag

Here me now, believe me later... DO NOT BUY A DIAPER BAG FOR ANYONE BUT YOURSELF! The only person to pick out a diaper bag should be the person using it. Since most women do the caregiving in this egalitarian world, let's talk about that first. Mamas-to-be...First, do you think you're going to carry around that cute purse AND a diaper bag? You can try, but I'll bet that you'll get tired of it and start throwing your wallet, keys, and other stuff in with the rattle, wipes, and butt cream. Make sure that the diaper bag has a section FOR YOU. I had a pretty simple bag, two open sections plus a middle zippered section that held the changing pad. Come to think of it, it was pretty much like my work bag now, except in the middle is now my laptop. Hmmm.... Anywho, when out shopping for a bag, empty your purse essentials in there and then see if you have enough room for baby stuff. Yeah, put your stuff in there first. Selfish? Maybe, but you're gonna be pissed if you'

Work it, Mom Monday on Tuesday

This time it's not that I posted late or anything! But I finally got most of my thoughts around Palin down and now it's time to share. Why Sarah Palin is good for feminism: It was the tweet heard around the world. Sarah Palin is John McCain’s pick for his running mate. Ah, sweet irony. Palin is now the second woman to ever be chosen for the vice-presidential position on a major party ticket. This is a major milestone for women in this country. It was a generation ago, 1984, that Geraldine Ferraro was the running mate for Walter Mondale. The college students I work with on a daily basis weren’t even born then. Think about that. That said, I think that Palin may be the best thing for feminism since Alice Paul went on a hunger strike. Stay with me... It is obvious to many women that the decision to pick Palin is a direct ploy to woo still angry Hillary Rodham Clinton supporters. For some of those HRC supporters McCain is far too conservative for them to really vote for

Work it, Mom! Monday

My opening paragraph at Work it, Mom! says it all. Happy Labor Day! Can I get an whoop whoop? I am tired, for reals readers! First I stayed up to listen to the speeches for the DNC all week, then I thought Friday I could try to take a break to work on some other writing when BAM! McCain drops a bomb on all of us with the Palin pick. Just as I’m trying to wrap my pretty feminista head around Palin and KA-BOOM! It was all about whether Trig was Sarah or Bristol’s son and then I check my Twitter this morning and Bristol is 5-months pregnant NOW? I need a pundit vacation. But alas, in my devotion to all things politics, I give you the low down on what the GOP and McCain have in store for women and working moms: Others who have more time to write or heads aren't spinning as fast as mine is: Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner on Obama & Moms Marcia G. Yerman on gender & the VP slot Gloria Feldt & Carole Joffe on women & Labor Day Ellen Bravo on McCain & Palin are extremist